Monday, May 7, 2012

Anderson Cooper annihilates left wing "War on Women" claim

When was the last time we saw this? A mainstream media journalist, from CNN of all places, actually does a little bit of actual journalism.

In this exchange CNN's Anderson Cooper takes on the Soros/Obama left wing propaganda machine and makes a fool out of the fabricated "War on Women" and the emasculated liberal male trying to defend them.

The fact we are shocked to see something like this says a lot about journalism today, where the every day blogger does more fact checking and research than paid journalists.

We should see more of this.


DeanO said...

This was wonderful

Fredd said...

Not to worry, Hack. Anderson's probably got a brain tumor that made him do this, but after some surgery and chemo, he'll be back to bad-mouthing America, just like the good ol' Anderson did.