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Obama and Communist propaganda tactics

It is shocking how the goals and actions of both the left wing political machine spearheaded by Obama in America today and the Communists in the Soviet Union in the 20th century closely resemble each other. The common themes stick out like a sore thumb. It shouldn't be shocking to anyone that a man born and raised into a Communist embracing environment identifies with Communists and uses their tactics in eerie fashion.

Communist propaganda techniques in the Soviet Union involved a variety of themes. Targeting the youth. Tearing down traditional religion. Pitting one class against another. Sound familiar? Just a few of the sub-themes included in Wikipedia's article on Soviet propaganda include:

Class enemy. Mass movement. Peace loving. Personality cult. Anti religious. New society. Schools and youth organizations.

How does this not sound anything like the leftist Obama cult in America? Both in ideology and propaganda tactics, Barack Obama and his base are too similar to that of Communist Russia in the Lenin and Stalin years.

Targeting the youth

"Thank you Dear Stalin, for our happy childhood!"
In Communist Russia, especially under Stalin, targeting children and students was vital to the perpetual Communist propaganda campaign. Youth represented the future, and without a collective generation who supported the state's power and authority, the system would collapse. Children praised and worshiped Stalin (and Lenin and Marx) and believed he and he alone could usher in a new era of enlightenment and utopia in the Soviet Union. 

Barack Obama engages in the same tactic, to a milder degree. He has launched a massive campaign to acquire the support of America's youth, speaking at over 130 schools in just the last 12 months. Kids marching and stomping for Obama. Kids singing praise to Obama. Obama youth propaganda videos. More young kids being forced to sing and perform for Obama. And don't forget..."Mmm mmm mmm, Barack Hussein Obama." Obama has targeted the youth like no other American politician before. His 2008 campaign was particularly youth driven, harnessing hip fads and technology like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube and MTV. Leftists have always dominated the youth. Common ideology. Common tactics. Expect more intense youth driven Obama propaganda this year as the election grows closer. 

Personality cult

In the Soviet Union, figureheads were worshiped with cult like fervor. Marx, Lenin, Stalin. These leaders were idolized through various media, such as art, books, and film. Obama has created a personality cult for himself by using the same methods. Obama has used both the older, traditional media his Communist predecessors have used (self worshiping books, art, film) and also 21st century media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Want to try and post a comment in opposition to Dear Leader on his official Youtube videos? Don't bother. In true red fashion, you'll be censored

"I AM America."

Class enemy

"The class enemy was a pervasive feature of Communist propaganda.[58] With the civil war, the Communist moved to massacre large numbers of kulaks and otherwise promulgate a Red Terror to terrify the masses into obedience.[59]
Lenin proclaimed that they were exterminating the bourgeois as a class, a position reinforced by the many actions against landlords, well-off peasants, banks, factories, and private shops.[60]Stalin warned, often, that with the struggle to build a socialist society, the class struggle would sharpen as class enemies grew more desperate.[61] During the Stalinist era, all opposition leaders were routinely described as traitors and agents of foreign, imperialist powers."

In modern day America, Barack Obama and his loyal liberal followers routinely spout the politics of blatant class warfare. Their themes are all too common with that of their revered heroes of murderous years past. They are just too afraid to come out and say they worship Communists and Communist philosophy because they know America will never fully embrace their radical ideology. Unless you are a part of Occupy Wall Street. Barack Obama is and always has been for the collective and the redistribution of wealth from those who make too much to those who don't have enough. The Constitution contains too many "constraints" to allow redistribution of wealth. His entire political and philosophical cornerstone is the divisive politics of class warfare and the signs can be seen everywhere.


"Down with religious holidays!"
"Early in the revolution, atheistic propaganda was pushed in an attempt to obliterate religion.[16] Regarding religion more as a class enemy than a contender for people's minds, the government abolished the prerogatives of the Orthodox Church and targeted with ridicule.[140] This included lurid anti-religious processions and newspaper articles that backfired badly, shocking the deeply religious population.[141] It was stopped and replaced by lectures and other more intellectual methods.[107] The Society of the Godless organized for such purposes, and the magazines Bezbozhnik (The Godless) andThe Godless in the Workplace promulgated atheistic propaganda.[142] Atheistic education was regarded as a central task of Soviet schools."

A "Godless Five-Year Plan" was proclaimed, purportedly at the instigation of the masses.[146] Christian virtues such as humility and meekness were ridiculed in the press, with self-discipline, loyalty to the party, confidence in the future, and hatred of class enemies being recommended instead."

Sounds much like the liberal side of things in America today, no? Today, the Obama administration has directly and boldly challenged the Catholic church like no other administration has done before. Values counter to the traditional beliefs of the church have been embraced while religion has been spit upon. Some have gone so far as to label Obama the most "Biblically hostile" president in American history. Deliberately nominating pro abortion ambassadors to the Vatican. Devaluing the once respected National Prayer Day. Vocally opposing countless references to prayer, memorials containing crosses, and general symbols of Christian faith. The United States Armed Forces has particularly felt the brunt of Obama's attack on religion. Obama is a staunch atheist who hates religion, much in the same way his Communist embracing mother did.   The left wing attacks on Christian themes in Christmas are also very relevant to this particular aspect of left wing/Communist propaganda. Common ideology. Common tactics

What other themes could we cover that the liberal left who worships Obama gives us on a daily basis? The material is endless. Eliminating the private sector? The "new society"? Growing government? Collectivization?

Why is it that only Democrats behave this way? COMMON ideology. COMMON tactics.


Barack Obama: A History of Communism 
Forward! The Communist slogan now adopted by Obama.
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