Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Crap Heap of a Story

A thank you to Donald Borsch Jr. for sending this lovely little article my way.

Blacks urge more efforts to improve census count

Black groups on Wednesday urged the government to improve the count of African-Americans in next year's high-stakes census, saying they won't be satisfied with a tally that has historically overlooked millions in their community.

The National Urban League, the NAACP, Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson met with Commerce Secretary Gary Locke to voice their concerns the Census Bureau might not be doing enough to ensure an accurate tally. Roughly 3 million blacks were missed in 2000, while many whites were overcounted.

"The undercount of blacks in the last count and the overcount of whites by 1 percent is not just a Washington statistic," Sharpton said at a news briefing after the meeting. "It manifests itself in goods and services that cost us."

"We want what is ours," he said.

The groups called for the Census Bureau, an agency of the Commerce Department, to expand its paid advertising to cities such as Newark, N.J.; Oakland, Calif.; parts of Mississippi and other areas that have high percentages of hard-to-count blacks, many of whom are distrustful of government workers.

They also are pushing for more census funding specifically targeted at black communities. About $23 million, or roughly 17 percent of the $133 million allocated for media buys, is currently earmarked for black communities to promote the census.

The black leaders said they wanted to see a change in how the government tallies prisoners, so they are counted as residents of the cities in which they previously lived, not in the places where a prison is located.

Anywhere the National Urban League, the NAACP, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are all in one sentence you know what follows is going to be bad. But to this census crap I say, who gives a damn? Seriously. These so called black leaders have an obsession with one thing and one thing only. Blacks. They are so focused on the black community that they seem to have no regard for America as a country. Black this. Black that. I'm sick of it.

"We want what is ours."

What the hell does that even mean? I want what is mine too. I want my hard earned money for ME. I don't want our welfare president taking it from me and giving it to a single black mother on the south side of Chicago who decided to get knocked up by seven different guys, smokes crack, doesn't work, and now expects the government to take care of her. How's that for the black community in America?

Rampant sexual promiscuity, drug use, violent crime, skyrocketing teen pregnancy rates, and pitiful academic achievement. Maybe Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should focus on issues like these instead of bitching about the damn census.

The census takers probably avoided counting 3 million of "your people" because they were too afraid they would get shot.


Now that I have that out of my system, and pardon me for the mild profanity, I'd like to finish up with an appropriate video I watched over at The Conservative Mama.

Below is a video of an ignorant, airhead, Obamabot boy getting plowed by a well educated, patriotic, and principled black man:

This is the type of man the black community should listen to. Not Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.


Donald Borsch Jr. said...


I'm glad to see my early Christmas present to you has been handled so deftly!

Always a pleasure to read your thoughts. I think I'll start writing your blog name on bathroom stalls all over CT! Ha! (hmm..ya know, it is free advertising, after all..maybe not such a bad idea?)

I love Revs. Sharpton and Jack-uh-son. They do more for Conservatism than they could ever imagine.

Brilliant job! Long Live the Republic.

Donald Borsch Jr. said...

Sorry, forgot to comment on video of Kevin Jackson-

Fantastic! He is, definitely, someone the black community should listen to! I'm inspired and I'm a white guy!

That poor SEIU kid. I wonder if he even shaves yet? Poor, poor misguided idiot.

Donald Borsch Jr. said...


Okay, last comment, I promise! I sent this video to to see if they would publish it. Kevin Jackson is one of my new modern-day people that make sense.

Long Live the Republic- made up of Conservatives of all races who have some freaking common-sense!

Hack said...

Well done my friend, and thank you. Also, feel free to scratch my blog into any bathroom stall you like! I might start doing that myself. :)

What Makes Us Right said...

"What have the republicans done to help you?"....."I look in the mirror for help"

Great line!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. I liked the lib who just stood there self-righteously filming the whole thing...

My family and I got counted five or six times. We kept getting back in line, plus we hopped around to our six different houses (all white people own a bunch of houses, right?)...

Us whiteys are so sneaky...

This is the problem with America. If the federal government went back to its constitutional base and stopped handing out other peoples money, the census count would only matter for apportioning representatives; not for determining how big a slice of the pie some noisy, aggrieved group gets.