Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009: The Year of Failure

2009 is almost over and a full year of Obamanation is almost out of the way! One hurdle cleared. 3 to go! I have a lot of energy left in me!

I'm trying to think in my mind of something positive this administration accomplished for America. I can't think of one thing. Maybe it's my bigoted, inferior, conservative mind. Let me try viewing the first year of the Obama presidency now from a liberal standpoint....


2009 has been one, long, drawn out failure of our government to do anything positive for our country. Nearly everything Obama has tried to do this year has been a failure.

"Stimulus" package- failure. The economy still sucks, unemployment is still through the roof, and on top of that, billions of "stimulus" tax dollars are at this very moment funding pointless Dem pet projects. Failure.

Obama's appointees- failure. Obama has appointed so many duds to his administration, and outright liars and cheats, that I don't think he can be trusted with anything. Not to mention the close to a dozen appointees who were forced to withdraw for varying reasons. Obama's serious lack of judgement is scary. Failure.

Cash for Clunkers- failure. Need I say anything? This failed program just goes to show you how good the government is at running things. Kinda like social security, medicare, and everything else they infect by laying their corrupt and incompetent hands on them. Failure

Obama's outreach to Iran- failure. I knew in 2008 when Obama campaigned on this issue that it would be a failure and it would only expose him for the big eared, naive dope he is. And whaddya know. I was right. Iran is now as bold as ever, spitting in the face of Obama's warm attempts to "reach out". Failure.

The Copenhagen Olympics bid- failure. Not only did Obama's hometown of Chicago not win, they finished dead last in voting. A lot of good that "rock star" star power did! Hell, he even had the Babylonian Whore herself (that's Oprah for those of you who don't know) desperately lobbying faithfully by his side and they still couldn't do it! Now that's sad. Failure.

Afghanistan troop decision- failure. While Obama was lollygagging around in Copenhagen trying to win a prized gem for his hometown (how presidential) our troops were dying and our commander pleaded for reinforcements. Obama put his Afghanistan decision SECOND to his Chicago Olympics wet dream and his "visionary" domestic agenda. He sat around and twittled his thumbs while our troops were getting killed. There's no simpler way to put it. Failure.

Reaching out to the Muslim world- failure. Obama is such an idiot. What drastic measures he has taken to appeal to the poor Muslims. He has bent over backwards to apologize to them and how do they repay us? By doing what they have always done and will continue to do for the next 100+ years. Failure

Global Warming progress- failure. This cannot be solely placed upon Obama. But he sure didn't do anything to make progress at his glorious climate summit in Copenhagen. (must be a Copenhagen thing, hmmm) The entire summit, in fact, was one big argument. Nothing was done. A massive dose of carbon emmisions were leaked into our atmosphere by all the idiots' jets and limos, the great Obama arrived and.....nothing was accomplished. So typical. Failure.

Defending America- failure. I won't pin the Hasan shooting on him, although measures most certainly could have been taken to prevent it. But the Christmas Day bomber is an obvious breach of security. Like everything else Obama has failed at, why should defending America be any different? I think with his precious health care bill in passage right now, homeland security is about the last thing King Barry wants to think about. He just has to act concerned and angry about it or it'll blow his cover. Same thing goes for Afghanistan. Obama is a master at rhetoric and political concealment. Failure.

Winning over the American people- FAILURE. Obama's poll numbers have steadily declined since he was sworn into office. A grassroots opposition movement has now begun. In fact, in a recent poll of potential voters more people identified themselves with the Tea Party movement than either the Republican or Democrat parties. That in itself should scare Obama. That and the fact close to one million people converged on Washington on September 12th in direct and vocal opposition to his failed policies. Failure.

This first year is marked by a pattern of failure but we still see the smug, arrogant Obama day in and day out. Yet he gives himself a B+ rating. And an A if health care would have passed! Ha!

Just looking at his face gives me about the same reaction I would have if I saw a cow take a dump.

I think this guy hits the nail on the head.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog a few days ago, and have enjoyed it. I'm a conservative (female) who is just about ready to have an aneurysm watching the liberals trample all over us and our Constitution.

I'm not sure if you came across the following information yet, but if it's true, it's just another example of the naive little boy who is our president.

The article is "The Obama Administration Gives INTERPOL More Favorable Immunities Than American Law Enforcement Agencies."

Donald Borsch Jr. said...


2009 has some good memories and events for me. My daughter was born i May...I finally got my hands on Tomb of Dracula #10, and I discovered you and your blog, which has provided me with hours of inspiration and motivation.

Sure, we have a Socialist in office and a Congress full of America-hating liberals. True. But we still have Freedom of Speech, so until that gets taken away, it was a good year!

Long Live the Republic!

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece, Hack!!! I am grateful to the folks who pointed me to your blog.

Every single item you pointed out is an overt, abject fail on the part of the Obama administration. The small margin by which he won the election has long since been overcome by voters' remorse. If one is to factor in the unknown but certainly guessable ACORN fraud, there probably wasn't any real margin to begin with.

Even if we're at the bottom of the hill with no further decline, we've got three more years of Obama's foolishness.

John Smithson said...

You have carried my blog on your blogroll. Ditto back to you! Problem - Google shut down my blog as "spam" and confiscated all my (2000 artiles) materials. I am up and running again. You would paaallleezzz consider adding "Midknight Review - new and revised" back onto your blogroll. The new url is:

John Smithson
A proud member of the Conservative Grassroots Movement and friend of the likes of Hack Wilson !!

Hack said...

Roger that John! It's done.

And thanks to all of you! You people are the reason I do what I do. I appreciate it.

KAK said...

Obamas troop decision was a request for troops for 2010. The decision has been made, the so called dithering was responsible thought on a very important matter. I am not happy with the decision myself. Soldiers loseing their lives for oil and pipelines to support corporate interests is not right.

When will the war mongers realize we are bankrupt. We are in the decline of the American Empire and Bush and the neocons put us there.

what makes us right said...

have to respectfully disagree with you on this one, as I don't think there was any responsible thought on BO's part. His inability to make quick, sound decisions cost us the lives of many US soldiers. You can either agree or disagree whether we should be there in the first place, but the lack of understanding of military strategy by this poser is going to seriously threaten the security of the US for many years to come.

As to the decline of the American Empire, it is BO not Mr Bush that is singlehandedly making that a real possibility!