Sunday, January 17, 2010

Win or lose, Scott Brown and conservatives have sent a message.

The senate race in Massachusetts between Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Coakley, like I've said previously, is a microcosm of the rest of the country regarding the mood and political atmosphere we currently live in.

A recently released poll now puts Brown four points ahead of his liberal counterpart.

My, my. Who would have thought? Massachusetts. Bluer than blue liberal Massachusetts, gay Cape Cod and all! And it looks like they may very well vote in a bible thumping, bigoted, "far right teabagger" as the classy Charles Schumer put it.

I can tell you now, panic has set in within the Democratic party. They know what is coming. It is just a matter of how hard it's gonna hit them. Martha Coakley's campaign has been one of complacency. That snob expected to be handed the Kennedy seat simply because of her liberalism. What a turn of events!

Now, the Narcissist in Chief has to rush to the aid of her sputtering campaign, his precious gem of socialized healthcare hanging in the balance. He is just as desperate and just as nervous as she, if not more. The Obama utopia of 2008 has evaporated, replaced by a fired up resistance movement among conservatives and independents.

Scott Brown has just given this movement a ton of momentum, to the point where no matter what the outcome, win or lose, it will be a win for the GOP.

You see, here's what I think. This country is, and always has been, a traditionally conservative, center-right nation. In fact, true bleeding heart liberals like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Martha Coakley (we can throw Keith Olbermann in there too) make up no more than twenty percent of our country. Sometimes, the ignorance of the American people impede their judgement, politicians are groomed and sold, and media hype outweighs political issues. But it never lasts, and we are seeing that right now. The American people will always come back to their senses, and 2010 is going to be the year it emerges full force.

Scott Brown has already won the ideological battle. He's already given us all the momentum, confidence, and firepower we need. He doesn't even have to win. But a win on Tuesday would be an absolutely crushing blow to the elitist libs who occupy Washington, and it very well may happen!

Keep your fingers crossed and the fire burning.


Coakley just dealt another major blow to her campaign. Responding to Curt Schilling's attacks on her by calling him a Yankee fan. Like Schilling said, is she trying to lose?


Cecil Moon said...

We constantly pray at our house for the hand and will of God to come and bless our people. We pray also for his Divine guidance for our leaders. Well what do you know: there is a God, He does care, and He has given the inspiration for a major upheaval in the status quo to return America, one step at a time, to its former stature.

Even in Massachusetts they can see the difference between a murdering coward, a vile AG and an upright man. About time, I'd say.

what makes us right said...

If Brown wins or even comes close in a state where the republicans are outnumbered 3-1, there will be tremendous momentum carried over into the fall elections. I am stoked!