Thursday, January 14, 2010

What we can learn from the Haiti earthquake.

First of all I'd like to say that my utmost sympathies and prayers are with the people of Haiti right now. What a horrible tragedy this is.

Just take a look at this video and you can see the sheer devastation in Port au Prince...

Now lets take a look at the response from the world.

As usual good ole America spearheads the humanitarian effort.

Our President, apparently with money to burn, has pledged 100 million dollars, in addition to 2000 troops.

How did other nations respond? Well the next closest was our close ally Britain pledging 10 million. With the bronze was another ally Australia with 9 million. And after than the list tapers off a bit and goes something like this:

Canada- 5 million
Japan- 5 million
Spain- 4.35 million
Germany- 2.17 million
Denmark- 1.9 million
Finland- 1.8 million
South Korea- 1 million
China- 1 million
India- 1 million
Sweden- 850,000

Israel, Russia, Cuba, France, Venezuela, Iceland, Switzerland, and Portugal all sent aid planes and small rescue teams.

Lets see here. I noticed a few things when compiling this list.

1) America, like always, is at the very top. And America's two greatest allies in the world pledged the second and third most. Interesting.

2) Not one Islamic country sent aid. Not one. You'd think with all that oil money we would see at least a little help. Nope.

I think if I ever hear a Muslim call America the Great Satan again I'm going to "have blood shooting out of my eyes" as Glenn Beck put it.

and 3) The relatively minuscule amount pledged by China. Mere pocket change to a giant like that. But then again, maybe they are playing it smart, unlike our Candy Shop President.

In conclusion I can say this. America is still the greatest country on earth, no matter how evil Muslims and leftists portray it to be. That said, I think 100 million dollars right now is too much to offer. It's more invisible money we don't have. But then again why would the government care. It's coming out of your paycheck.

Politics aside, we should all be praying for the people of Haiti. God help them.


Jamw96 said...

I don't necessarily have a problem with $100mm. I mean, come on, we are throwing money away left and right, why not. What I do have is a problem with how it is spent. Year after year, disaster after disaster we give them money, yet there is no improvements made to the housing, safety and well being of the citizens. The buildings are not built to survive disasters, the hospitals are not improved to save lives. Instead the money ends up in the hands of corrupt parties who do not do the RIGHT thing.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Right on. The Arab countries would probably demand to enslave young Haitian boys in return for money, so it's better they're not on the list.

France should really step up since they are the ones that jacked the joint up in the first place.

Cec Moon said...

$100 million aint chump change but not to worry: the pres. will apologize for the niggardly amount soon. The shame is that very little will ever filter down to the poor schmucks that really need it. Without infrastructure, utilities, and commerce; what do you buy with the money?

According to Greta, you can't even land a plane in Haiti right now because of relief traffic and runway damage. As you view the videos, it even hard to see a spot clear enough to land a medical chopper. God help them!


The real relief is being done by private organization like the Salvation Army. I think you would find that America is also leading the world in private donations as well.