Thursday, January 7, 2010

CAIR files complaint against Boston College

Boston Herald- Muslim group files complaint against college

A Muslim-American advocacy group filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over a Boston college’s policy that forbids face coverings, including traditional Islamic garb.

The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences banned face coverings last fall, citing security and the need to be able to match students with their mandatory photo IDs, and a college spokesman says the only two female Muslim students on campus who might be affected had no objection.

But Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Washington-based Council on American Islamic Relations, which filed the complaint, said, “Even though the policy refers to students it will clearly impact the staff and employees as well.”

A college spokesman could not be reached last night. Hooper said his group knows of no Muslims currently working at the school to whom the ban would apply, but he said the policy could be considered hostile to Muslims who wish to apply to work at the school.

In the complaint, faxed and e-mailed to the Boston office of the EEOC yesterday afternoon, CAIR claims such a ban violates employees’ civil rights.

“We believe this policy has a disproportionate impact on the religious rights of Muslim employees and is in violation ... of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits employers from discriminating against individuals because of their religion,” it states.

Why should we even care (no pun intended) what CAIR has to say? The Council on American Islamic Relations is no more than a front group founded by and created for Islamic terrorists. Even liberal senators Dick Durbin and Charles Schumer know this.


Donald Borsch Jr. said...

These jackasses come to America and hide under The Constitution when it suits them.

Idiots. The whole lot of 'em. Religion of Peace? Religion of jackasses is more like it. I'm surprised they can find the time to blow stuff up in between sexually-mutilating their women, plotting death, and refusing to bathe.

Let freedom ring, and Long Live the Republic.

One Ticked Chick said...

I can't believe Boston College is the only university with these policies in place. Do you suppose CAIR is singling out BC because it's a private Catholic college? And why do any media outlets give CAIR and this guy air time anyway?