Friday, January 15, 2010

Thomas Jefferson's thoughts on debt, workers sold like cattle in Saudi Arabia, etc

What won't he tax? Obama announces 90 billion dollar bank tax.

Another Black Conservative broke the news today that Scott Brown has possibly taken the lead over Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts senate race.

A new study finds that blacks and hispanics lag behind whites and asians in chemistry, mathematics, and engineering at MIT. In other news, water is wet and Austin in the capital of Texas.

What did Thomas Jefferson have to say about public debt? El Cerdo Ignatius has the answer.

France has inched closer to a full ban of Muslim veils. Bravo. Every western nation should do so.

Western Hero explains to us some of the liberal fantasies, and one you may not know about...

Indian workers are sold like cattle in Saudi Arabia according to a stowaway.

The Conservative Mama posted a great expose by Ann Coulter called Harry Reid's Negro Problem.

Egyptian police have arrested more than 100 christian teens protesting a recent fatal church shooting by Muslims.

Here is an interesting link I found on Drudge showing before and after satellite images of Haiti.

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Silverfiddle said...

... and it's all the fault of Boooooooosh and the Joooooooos!!!

Great summary and thanks for linking to me!

Have a great weekend. I'm working, not skiing :(