Saturday, January 30, 2010

Watching an episode of COPS offers a look into the butthole of America...

COPS is a great show. Who doesn't love seeing police officers putting ghetto thugs in headlocks and throwing them to the ground? (after being chased down by a german shepherd and tazed of course.)

Tonight I was briefly watching the show and I just couldn't contain my disgust upon seeing a hugely obese, toothless woman, wearing a tattered t-shirt from the 80's that read "Too Hot To Handle", smoking a cigarette, and walking around barefoot like some animal. I couldn't help but let out a chuckle when I saw that shirt. And honestly, I could care less whether she was guilty, innocent, or even charged. Point is, you can't watch an episode of COPS without being subjected to some of the ugliest, disrespecting excuses for human existence in America.

Contrary to what I have believed and written in the past, the lowest of the low in America cannot be found in Hollywood, the Democratic party, Oprah nation, or even the monkey cage at the St. Louis Zoo. No, I'd like to say here publicly that the most disgusting, lowest form of life here in America are the shirtless criminals displayed on the show COPS.

Location does not matter. Whether its Las Vegas, Orange County, or Topeka, Kansas these people can be found everywhere. Race is irrelevant as well, regardless of Micheal Moore's theory that COPS is just another way the white man has demonized the black man. I could write an entire blog ripping this accusation to shreds, but that is not my focus here.

The simple fact is that these people take worthlessness to a whole new level. And crime, while terrible, is merely a side note. The unprecedented lack of intelligence, dignity, self respect, and downright ugliness of these people should be shocking to anyone.

First you have the black ghetto thugs. These guys are either shirtless, or wearing some kind of ghetto bling. They can never speak English, or audible English anyway. Their speech is limited to a slurred, spliced dialect many refer to as Ebonics. When asked a simple question like, "What have you been doing tonight?" you'll usually get a reply that goes something like this:

"Ma, ah ji bab to wheh mas pim ta la ma ba..."

Honesty is a word not found in their language. Their pants are usually down to their knees, and that is before the cops threw them to the ground. The women are usually obese, with 4 or more children, all from different fathers. Their speech is even more inaudible, especially when they are screaming and clawing.

The other type of losers we see on COPS are the white trash. And I don't just mean the typical trailer park, bring home a 24 pack of Busch every night, redneck type. These boys take it to a whole new level. Also shirtless 90 percent of the time, these people usually have few teeth, and what teeth are left are usually close to the color of something like a rotten banana peel. Most haven't shaved in months. To find one without a pack of cigarettes, a crack pipe, and a bag of weed in their pockets is a rarity. The women are usually wearing some old t-shirt either way too large or way too small. Their hair resembles that of a prehistoric caveman. And their amazing lack of physical attraction is a feat all should be impressed with.

It doesn't matter which group you are in. Like I said, race is irrelevant. It's all in personal respect and dignity, something this group of people know nothing about.

I cannot watch COPS without seeing someone who makes me want to hurl, whether it be a skinny black punk with his shirt off, his pants sagging and his mouth running or an obese, cigarette smoking, white trash woman who's flabby arms jiggle like pudding every time she tries to make a simple hand gesture.

Poverty or financial misfortune are no excuse to live a lifestyle that breeds crime and utterly demeans self worth in every sense of the word. Nor is being born with less than beautiful features. You can live in a trailer or ghetto and not smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day. You can live in a trailer or ghetto and brush your teeth once in a while. You can live in a trailer or ghetto and wear respectable clothing. You can live in a trailer or ghetto and not smoke crack. You can live in a trailer or ghetto and work a full time job while living a simple life free of crime, PERIOD.

These people simply do not care about themselves. They have no concepts of human decency, dignity or morality. Their idea of improving life is another bag of weed, a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a cheap whore. They simply can never tell the truth. In simple terms, they live as animals. I watch these people and I wonder, how in the world can a human being sink to such a level of self destruction and abandonment?

And you know what's scary? These sacks of trash vote. And they are exactly the types that vote for warm hearted Democrats sympathetic to their "plight".


Christopher said...


OMG I am laughing,not at them or you but your description. I have watched many episodes of COPS and thought and verbalized exactly the same!

Like you said, it is scary that they are of age to vote,but my guess is they do not hold the documentation in order to register, thank God!

Besides that, these types want to stay "off the radar" so they will not bother to vote, remember the vote is sacred but being there is PUBLIC INFORMATION.

Excellant post!

Old Retired Petty Officer said...

Don't hold back! Tell us what you really think!
Nice post and a most excellent read!

Adrienne said...

Hack - Another place you won't find these people is in church. The thing that binds these people to their lifestyles is their lack of dignity - a dignity that comes from knowledge of God.

There is a trailer park not too far from our house that could be best described as a trash heap in a mud hole. I never drive by there without expressing the same thing you have. There is no reason to live like they do. Poor? Give me a break. With all the government hand-outs some of these people have more coming in then working folks.

Silverfiddle said...

Excellent post!
These are people who have wrecked their lives through their own irresponsibility. Now they are everybody's problem.

The obnoxious progeny of these benighted souls are just like their parents. My kids and their friends can't stand them, sometimes engaging in trash talk.

I warned them to stay away, regardless of how they may taunt. You never want to mix it up with people who have nothing to lose.

Hack said...

Thank you all for the compliments! There are some things that just need to be said. And this was one of them!

Jamw96 said...


Moms said to take it easy on her. She just wanted a pack of "ports" and how did she know anyhow that there was a law against leaving your 5 kids in the car with the windows up in the middle of summer. Why do you think none of us were wearing shirts, it was freaking hot! As to the voting thing, remember they tooks away our voting privs with our first conviction!

I just wish Unks would have put some pants on before he came down to the store to help unlock the car and get us kids out. Maybe they wuldn't have called the pigs on us.

fuzzys dad said...

When I Cops I get scared thinking these people are breeding.