Saturday, January 23, 2010

15 people arrested at anti-Islam demonstration in London.

AFP: Police arrest 15 in anti-Islam demonstration

Police arrested 15 people and four officers were injured when scuffles broke out at a demonstration by about 300 members of an anti-Islam group in central England on Saturday.

In the latest protest by the right-wing English Defence League, which was formed last year to campaign against Islamic extremism, police clashed with demonstrators as they sought to separate them from a rival anti-fascist march.

Many of the EDL demonstrators had been drinking before the march in the central town of Stoke, during which members waved placards proclaiming "Patriotism is not racism" and "Terrorists off our streets".

Police said 15 people had been arrested for public order offences and four officers had been injured, including one officer who was hospitalised with an arm injury and a second who underwent medical checks after being assaulted.

So the police are all gung ho at a protest against Islamic terrorism but when Muslims protest on the streets of London shouting slogans like, "Bomb, bomb UK", "Bomb, bomb USA" and praising Osama bin Laden and terrorism they just sit back without batting an eye. Someone want to explain this to me?

You have a mass demonstration of people openly calling for the destruction of your nation and you do nothing. But when people demonstrate against the people calling for the destruction of your nation, you arrest them!

Here's what we saw in 2006 from the Muslims in Britain. This was a response to the infamous Danish Muhammad cartoons (piss be upon him). How awful.

It really makes me wonder sometimes. When will Westerners bring the hammer down and say enough is enough? Not soon enough I fear.


The Born Again American said...

I've been railing on this for some time and it's not getting a damn bit better... WTF are we afraid of, hurting someone's feelings... These barbarians want to kill us and yet we do nothing to prevent the onslaught... Their religion does not allow the peaceful coexistence with other religions... I don't care how peaceful they claim to be, in the end they are bound to destroying anyone who doesn't believe as they do...

Here in the United States their plan is to simply out breed us... The morons preaching their asinine global warming crap are telling us to limit each family to one child, while they are breeding like rabbits... It is predictedthat by 2050 they will be the majority here in the United States...


This would be the only time I might agree with forced sterilization... Welcome to the United States, now drop your drawers...

Anonymous said...

Europe is gone. The US is not. They are not immigrating in numbers large enough to even make a demographic dent here.

Nonetheless, we should look at what is going on around us as put a complete stop to Muslim immigration. I'm sure the vast majority are nice people, but our cultures are simply incompatible.

Anonymous said...

It's easy for the lib'ral control freaks to deal with 15 people. It's not gonna get better. They'll be speaking through the other side of their mouths when it's 1500 ... or 15,000. These moslems HATE us, and there are many of us who realize it.

Eventually, the mandate to drive the hate-moslems from our homeland will be unavoidable, and no amount of lib'ral wash will spin it otherwise. It's just a question of when we've had enough.

Jim McKee said...

Don't know if you are aware of this, but you should be...

University Islamic Financial

Samuel Gonzalez said...

It's ashame what England let happen to their country. They have lost all of their soveriegnty allowing Muslim people to retain their culture without assimulating as becoming British. This is what happens when you let PC run amo in your country.


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Hack said...

Yes sir. Already have you on my blogroll!