Thursday, January 28, 2010

Severed pig heads left at mosques, PETA calls for robotic groundhog, Ebay accuses board game of racism, etc...

Following the vandalism and arson of 11 Christian churches in Malaysia, it appears someone has become fed up with the religion of peace. Severed pig heads were found at two separate mosques Wednesday morning.

Some more news for the day...

An Ohio woman celebrating her lottery win was struck and killed by a car. She was walking home drunk from a bar. My take? She probably stumbled out in the middle of the road. She doesn't have my sympathy.

Google is upping its game yet again with an upcoming feature called Social Search which will integrate all social networking sites, including blogs, into one exclusive search. You know, it's scary really the extent of power and intrusion Google is getting to.

A Connecticut high school has buckled under pressure from the ACLU after allowing graduation ceremonies to be held at a cathedral for more seating and parking. They have since declared they won't hold graduation ceremonies at the church any longer.

Aside from the National African American RVers Association (NAARVA for short), PETA may very well be the most ridiculous organization in America. Now, they are calling for replacing Punxsutawney Phil with a robotic groundhog. No I am not making this up...

Ebay has banned the sale of a British man's WWII board game, claiming it could promote violence or racial intolerance because of the display of swastikas on the game's cover.

The popular online dating site E-Harmony is under fire for not allowing gays to be included on the company's main website. E-Harmony, which has in the past run a separate site for the LGBT community, is now being forced by a California court to integrate all sexual orientations into the main site.

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