Monday, January 4, 2010

The Idolization of Martin Luther King Jr.

I don't understand it. From what I hear he was a womanizer who hated Capitalism and called America "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today". Some role model. Yes, I admire his ambition and desire for equality, but is it really necessary to prop him so high that he makes our past presidents and Founding Fathers look obsolete in comparison?

It all reverts back to the white obsession, either intended or subconsciously, to appease the black population in America.

We do this by glorifying black entertainers, implementing affirmative action, putting in place holidays only for blacks, and idolizing black leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Hussein Obama.

This is why so many young, naive, and downright weak Americans voted for Obama without giving a second thought about his policies. This is why on numerous occasions people I know said they would vote for Obama because they didn't want "an old, rich, white man" as President. Then these very same morons would turn around and accuse me of being the racist. Hmm? Funny. I think a large portion of these sheep are this very moment beginning to see the colossal blunder in falling for Obama. Kind of like a bad relationship when you realize they were just not "The One". (no pun intended Oprah)

Anyway, back to MLK.

Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr. has more roads, schools, and buildings named after him than any other American in history?

Just type his name in Google Maps and you will find over 156,000 sites around the nation named in honor of him. Compare that to just 96,000 for George Washington, 11,000 for Abraham Lincoln, 4,000 for Thomas Jefferson, and a measly 1,000 for Benjamin Franklin.

This can also be seen in the curriculum of the public school system. Anyone who has been through public schools, especially grades 1-8, knows the ridiculous portrayal of America as an oppressive nation towards minorities. Talk about beating a dead horse. The political correctness in public school textbooks is so rampant that I picked up on it when I was just a dumb fifth grader. We learned more about "Black America" than we did the Founding Fathers. And just look in an Algebra textbook with math problems that include names. Alfonso, Chu, Carlos, Abdullah, Kim Su, Latisha, and Sanjaya are just a handful of popular names the publishers like to use in their multicultural propaganda manifestos, but nary a Bill, Tom, Kevin, Mary, Katie, or Jessica. Maybe I'm being anal about this, but I think it all points back to one thing: the progressive, politically correct, and appeasement and outright worship of minorities in this country. And blacks lead the pack.

That is why it is so refreshing to hear a black leader stress the importance of AMERICA, not black America.

Martin Luther King Jr. may have been a great speaker but I know someone else who is a great speaker. And I can tell you I have no respect for either of them.


Bungalow Bill said...

You are on the wrong side of town if you find yourself on MLK in most cases.

Just more rewiting of history. It's all a scam when you start digging deep into the truth.

jds said...

ne of the most persistent charges against King was his willingness to plagiarize without giving proper credit. His Master's thesis was such a paper. He ran with Marxist/Socialist and was, indeed, a white womanizer.

While having no desire to become President, if such had been the case, he would have been under much of the same philosophical influences as Obama with one exception.

Saul Alinsky was around and probably used by King but Black Liberation Theology was just getting under way.

Obama has 20 years of Liberation crap floating around in head. Marine Luther just had the social "concderns" of Marx and his affinity for the Black community.