Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What the Dems had to say about the Scott Brown victory.

As the dust settles from yesterday's crushing blow, I'd like to wind down by recapping with what some top Democrats had to say about the win...

"I am heartbroken at the result."
---Martha Coakley

"You know how politics is. At times like this, there are always some who are eager to exploit that pain and anger to score a few political points. There are always folks who think that the best way to solve these problems are to demonize others. And, unfortunately, we're seeing some of that politics in Massachusetts today."
---Barack Obama

"Massachusetts has health care and so the rest of the country would like to have that too. So we don't [think] a state that already has health care should determine whether the rest of the country should."
---Nancy Pelosi

"If Martha Coakley had won, I believe we could have worked out a reasonable compromise between the House and Senate healthcare bills. But since Scott Brown has won and the Republicans now have 41 votes in the Senate, that approach is no longer appropriate. I am hopeful that some Republican senators will be willing to discuss a revised version of healthcare reform because I do not think that the country would be well-served by the healthcare status quo. But our respect for democratic procedures must rule out any effort to pass a healthcare bill as if the Massachusetts election had not happened."
---Barney Frank

"Some elections go your way, some elections go their way. It's the nature of democratic politics in a diverse nation. But regardless of their outcomes, as I've said many times, the American people demand that we work together as partners, not partisans, to improve their lives. We should all be united within the walls of this chamber, not defined by the aisle that divides its desks. By and large, those in the minority has so far shown far too little interest in working with us. More importantly, they have shown far too little interest in working in the interests of their constituents."
---Harry Reid

"We can't win them all."
---Barack Obama

"One thing the Democrats have done wrong? We haven't kept the focus on this disaster on the Republicans who brought it upon us. We've tried too hard to do that right thing, and that's to fix it, as opposed to spend more of our time and energy pointing the finger at who got us [here] in the first place."
---Patrick Kennedy

"We're all pretty unpopular. Why? Because people don't feel good, and we're the leaders and we're in office, and they expect us to do something about it."
---Steny Hoyer

"It's that rare election where voters know exactly what they're voting on. If they're with Democrat Martha Coakley they get health care reform. If they go for Republican Scott Brown it's deliberate, premeditated murder for health care!"
---Chris Matthews

"I think that’s what we saw most of all coming out of Massachusetts is there’s a tremendous amount of anger and frustration about where people are economically, and whether this town is fighting for their economic well being, or fighting for the special interests’ well being. I think that’s what ultimately is going to define more about the coming political battles and the upcoming [midterm] election."
---Robert Gibbs

"There’s going to be a tendency on the part of our people to be in denial about all this. If you lose Massachusetts and that’s not a wake-up call, there’s no hope of waking up."
---Evan Bayh

"Here's my assessment of not just the vote in Massachusetts, but the mood around the country: the same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office. People are angry and they are frustrated. Not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years."
---Barack Obama

I'll end with the best one...

"In Scott Brown we have an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, tea bagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees."
---The One and Only Keith Olbermann


Donald Borsch Jr. said...

Ah yes...(sniiiiiiffff), ahhh, the sweet sweet smell of baby-poop. Oh, I meant, liberal dissent.

Great quotes! Who's been a busy boy? You- you've been a busy boy! Nice research.

(bowing as he exits)

Long Live the Republic.

Velcro said...

Amazing how the sniveling cockroaches act and think. Coakley's heartbroken, but I hope she's housebroken too.

The Born Again American said...

I'm not the president of The United States and I never came close to graduating from college, but aren't there a few gramatical errors in Obama's 1st statement?

Please feel free to correct me, but shouldn't it read "you know how politics are" and towards the end, shouldn't it read "we're seeing some of those politics"?

Like I said, I don't claim to be smart, so would one or some of you brains out there let me know...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these.

Hack said...

Born Again American: I caught those grammatical errors too! Looks like the all knowing Obama is losing some of his intelligence.

The Born Again American said...

That settles it, I'm going to toss my hat in the ring for the 2012 presidential race... Obviously I'm qualified to run on a grammatical correctness platform...

Just think about the appology tour I could muster... After the centuries of abuse we have bestowed on The Queen's English...

Jamw96 said...


I had made it through 24 hours without having to hear a quote from the raging idiot, and then I had to read that last quote. You got me good!

Obie one is a moron!