Monday, January 25, 2010

Radical Muslim shot at in Oslo

A radical Islamic terrorist from Iraq was fired upon while in his home on Oslo today. Despite the fact Norwegian courts determined he was a security risk in 2007, they say they cannot deport him to Iraq unless they have guarantees he won't be subjected to the death penalty. Oh cry me a river! How sissy can you get. And I thought over the top Muslim tolerance was bad here in America.

and some other news for you...

Saddam Hussein's cousin Ali Hassan al-Majeed, otherwise known as Chemical Ali, has been hanged by the Iraqi government for 13 counts of genocide. Hundreds of thousands of Kurdish Iraqis were killed at the hand of this man. Allahu Akbar! yes, God is great!

The sputtering Obama has brought back his campaign manager, David Plouffe, to take the reigns of a nosediving presidency. Here's a tip Mr. President. Instead of calling upon your whiz kid political strategist, you could try listening to the American people! That might get you somewhere.

Arab Americans are whining about an oil ad that, get ready, says we should end our dependence on foreign oil because it is located "in countries that don't like us". Pictured in the ad are Islamic militants standing by Middle Eastern oil fields. Oh the humanity! You know, if Muslims spent half the time they do complaining about cultural sensitivity and used that to denounce the terrorists that make them look bad, we may just get somewhere.

A principal from a Philadelphia elementary school has been fired by the school district for allegedly changing test questions to lower the schools' scores, which would make them ineligible to accept other students from failing schools under the No Child Left Behind Act. She has now cried racism amid the allegations, saying they were racially motivated and that the white faculty were considered more credible than her by the school board because she is black. No surprise here. When in doubt, play the race card.

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will appear in a 30 second pro-life ad during the Super Bowl. Look out Tim. You will be forever hated by your college peers!

Poland has now made it illegal to wear Che shirts. Poles know the effects and dangers of Communism first hand. Now why can't we implement this law in Berkely, or liberal American academia for that matter, where idiot college students nonchalantly wear Che around as a fashion statement, oblivious to the fact Che himself said he wanted to be a "killing machine", and was. Idiot libtards.

Here's an older story from Dearborn, Michigan where a small group of high school students decided to make "school spirit" t-shirts with what some said was an image of the World Trade Center being hit by a plane. You can see the shirt in the photo above. Get this: the "plane" on the shirt is the image of the school's mascot, the Thunderbirds. Oh yeah, they were also Arabs. The shirts have since been confiscated.


Anonymous said...

Another reason to put an end to Muslim immigration. They bring their death feuds with them along with their petty bigotries.

Velcro said...

I like the lead story...small town justice.