Sunday, January 31, 2010

Muslims Pounce on California Mayor

And why? From article...

The mayor of Lancaster has urged its residents to approve specifically-Christian prayers at public meetings, in an effort to "grow" the sixth-largest city in Los Angeles County into a "Christian community," it was reported today.

Lancaster residents were urged by Mayor R. Rex Parris in a state of the city speech to support a city ballot measure that would authorize daily prayers at city council meetings.

In his speech, Parris said "we are growing a Christian community, and don't let anybody shy away from that," according to the Antelope Valley Press.

Kamal Al-Khatob, head of the Islamic Institute of the Antelope Valley, told the Daily News that the mayor's belief that Lancaster is a Christian community alienates Muslims. "This is not what America is all about. America is for everybody."

One week ago, Lancaster city council member Sherry Marquez wrote on her Facebook page that the beheading murder of an Islamic woman by her husband in New York shows that vicious murders are what Muslims embrace.

"This is what the Muslim religion is all about -- the beheadings, honor killings are just the beginning of what is about to come to the USA," she reportedly wrote on the Web Jan. 23. "We are told this is a small minority of Muslim's (sic) in America, but it is truly what they are all about."

Activists were quoted as equating that murder with the tenets of Islam is as wrong as saying all Christians are murderers because an extremist was convicted of murdering an abortion doctor.

I cannot even begin to describe the fallacy in this statement. There is a difference between one murder of an abortion doctor, and a prolonged string of brutal acts of violence committed in the name of Islam. Just look at any one country in the world where Islam exists. Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Indonesia, Chechnya, Thailand, the Philippines, etc. All places where violence is stemmed from the cult of Islam. We do not see this trend within Christianity, and to use the example of the murder of Dr. Tiller as somehow a Christian act of violence is ludicrous.

I think there is nothing wrong with this mayor saying this. Nothing. If you are going to live in America, you better get used to Christianity because Christianity is about as fundamental to American values as the Constitution is. Just look at some of the things the Founding Fathers said. Heck, George Washington himself put forth the idea that all American children should be taught Christianity in the public school system. Just think what the libs today would have to say about that! I shutter to think. Patrick Henry said, "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here." Some very strong words there. And my thoughts exactly. And John Adams stressed the point that our Constitution was written only for a "moral and religious" people. I wouldn't quite characterize Islam as very moral as of late. Unfortunately neither is 21st century America for that matter.

So to these Muslim turds I say this: Get used to it. Be glad we even let you live here. Given the hostility of your religion towards our nation at the present time, you wouldn't last one day in any other country at any other period of time in history. So quit your crying.


Ron Russell said...

Islam is a non-tolerate sect that practices violence to achieve its ends. A muslim is moderate only because of his circumstances, not because of him religion. We need to recognize this and soon.

scott said...

Here in Dayton, OH we have the largest Muslim terrorist training ground in this nation--there is film of muslim women training with swords and AK's. Hillary Clinton has permitted two banned radical Imams to reenter the country. This year a major Islamic college and indoctrination center will open up within four blocks of ground zero! Now the moonbat lefties may move the HSN circus trials to western PA to a site near me, and close to the site of the downed Flight 97. Last year the Ministry of Justice and Commerce were holding seminars on Sharia law. Look at the Jihadis chanting their hatred on the streets of London, and you see your possible future. This threat is the Marxist fist in the Muslim glove and this administration will see civil stife begin using it. Never let a good crisis go to waste. This cancer must be dug out of our society.