Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Racist" KFC Ad

KFC accused of racism over Australian advertisement

Here is an Australian KFC ad that shows a noticeabley uncomfortable white cricket fan surrounded by enthusiastic Caribbean black people. Upon giving them a bucket of KFC fried chicken, they all pipe down and everyone is happy. Oh the humanity!

Not a word or a twitch from Australia about this so called "racism", but once the ad surfaces in the good ole USA....well, you know what happens.

You know what I think? I think the liberals in this country are so caught up in trying not to offend minorities and be racist, that they actually are. And here's why. Just take a look at affirmative action. Elite white liberals telling minorities they are not as equal as whites and therefore deserve extra benefits and help from Daddy Government simply because of their skin color. Yet somehow, if you are a liberty loving conservative like myself and you believe that all men are created equal, and that skin color shouldn't warrant any kind of extra attention or help, then somehow you are the racist. What heaping pile of rhinoceros dung. Can you see the ridiculous irony and contradiction here?

The entire Democrat agenda is centered on reaching out to the throngs of minority voters. Treating them like second class citizens. Convincing them they cannot succeed without the government's help. Keeping them down. You can bet your bottom dollar elite white liberals are secretly disgusted by minorities. To a Democrat, a poor urban minority is just a vote. I would like to say publicly here, that I think if anyone is a racist in this country, it is the "tolerant" liberals of the Democrat party. The same party that has always been racist since its creation.

And this brings me back to the original video. The Aussies aren't so uptight about race that they see racism in everything, unlike liberal Americans. I'd like to hypothesize here that race was not the issue in this commercial. Rather, it was the behavior of those around the man. The fact that they were black is a sub-issue. Only an uptight, American liberal would get their panties in a wad over something as minuscule as this. Before you know it KFC will start being accused of racism simply for selling fried chicken to "people of color".

And would somebody please tell me why mentioning the fact that blacks love fried chicken is such a crime? Why isn't it racist to point out that Italians love spaghetti and asians love tofu? Gimme a break.

I say again screw political correctness. If it was a tangible thing I would seriously take a twenty minute dump on it, douse it in gasoline, light it on fire, and throw it off a cliff. But that's just me.


The Born Again American said...

Now if that had taken place at the Obama White House, one might take offense... I bet the Aborigines in "the outback" are laughing... Wait a minute, I think that's a steak house, not a chicken restuarant...

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party runs the largest slave plantation in the world, enslaving people with their ideology of "you can't do it without us, so don't even try."

That commercial reminds me of when a fellow teenage country hick and I went to the big city to see a Richard Pryor in concert movie.

We didn't realize we were the only white people in the theater until he started talking about how uncomfortable it is being a black man after dark hearing drunken rednecks shouting "yee haw!"

Every black friend I've told that to laughed his ass off.


Yep it's plays on the old stereo-type that Caribbean people love fried chicken. Is there no end to the greed of corporations? You know.... I suddenly feel like chicken.

The Conservative Lady said...

Political correctness will be the end of us. I heard KFC pulled the ad.