Friday, January 29, 2010

Host of Celebrities Support Cap and Trade in New Ad

Leonardo DiCaprio, Chace Crawford, Others Campaign For Clean Energy Bill

You know when I want advice from a Hollywood actor on politics and issues I'll ask for it, which will likely be never. What a sorry bunch of out of touch imbeciles. I really cannot put into words my disgust for the Hollywood types that parade around as if they know, or actually care, about political issues, or mainstream America for that matter. Just like "Hanoi" Jane Fonda's support for the Vietcong, and the colossal turds Sean Penn and Danny Glover traveling to their favorite Communist nation to express their undying adoration for dictator Hugo Chavez, now we have a plethora of amoeba-like garbage, headed up by Lionardo Dicaprio, Edward Norton, and Forest Wittaker, whoring themselves out for the Green Gestapo.

You know what I have to say to them? A big fat middle finger that's what. I'm sick and tired of seeing people who play make believe for a living, and get paid exorbitant amounts of money to do so, act like they actually know something about politics and public affairs. These people live in a dream world, some of them their whole lives, and they expect us to listen to them in their ivory tower? Screw them!

Never mind the fact that cap and trade will bankrupt this country even more. Never mind the fact the middle class will end up being taxed even more to pay for this enormous, liberal wet dream. And never mind the fact that drilling off our coasts and in Alaska, where the oil is aplenty, would significantly reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Oh wait, scratch that. There's a herd of caribou up there, and they told Obama they wouldn't like it...damn.

You know for a bunch of whiny, stuck up, liberal ignoramuses who play house for a living and likely couldn't last one day without their chauffeurs, swimming pools, and and stuffed bank accounts, I care not what they think...about anything!

What ever happened to the John Waynes and Charlton Hestons of Hollywood? I could just imagine what one of them would have to say about cap and trade, Obama, and the prissy schoolgirls like Leo Dicaprio who infest Hollywood.


TKZ said...

WOW! More Hollywood idiots to boycott.

Ron Russell said...

I guess these rich folks can support this. All they have to do is buy carbon credits and continue to ride the Lear Jets and limos. Easy for them.

Anonymous said...

Two faced liberal loons need to shut up and go away.