Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The tone of the two campaigns. Romney vs. Obama.

On one side we have mild mannered, professional adults discussing real issues. On the other we have what look like hormone raging adolescents with an attitude problem.

You don't have to agree with everything they say, but regardless of your side, you have to take in to account the tone and demeanor of the two campaigns, which has increasingly intensified since the Paul Ryan pick. The Obama campaign has gone raving, lunatic mad since then. It is almost as if they have a secret man crush on the guy. Even my own personal liberal troll, White Man in Alaska (with bruised knees), seems to have gone off the deep end. While his guy unravels like a roll of dirty toilet paper so does he.

The Obama campaign has become a filthy smear machine of constant negativity, only punctuating on the already worn out truth that Obama has divided this nation like no other president before him. Baseless accusations and ridiculous ads have been seeping out of the filthy, vile, rancid cesspool called the Obama campaign. They are completely out of ideas and unable to come up with any positive message about Barack Obama. They have no game plan but to attack Mitt Romney. Harry Reid got the ball rolling by accusing Mitt Romney of being a felon and not paying taxes for the last ten years. No sources were cited. Only old Hare's good word. Well Old Hare is a pedophile and it is up to him to debunk my claim and until he does I am going to believe he is a pedophile. That seems to be the leftist logic. Debbie Wasserman Schultz got in on the action, perpetuating the baseless claim that Romney could be a felon citing only Harry Reid as a source, who also didn't happen to have a source. Then the Democrats ran a ridiculous ad that implied Mitt Romney was guilty of a woman's cancer death, because he laid her husband off from Bain Capital. After the Paul Ryan selection, the Democrats again began running a completely absurd TV ad depicting Paul Ryan pushing a sweet, old woman over a cliff in her wheelchair. Not long after, Joe Biden joked and sneered about Paul Ryan's deceased father during a rally in North Carolina. Cap it all off with crazy Joe Biden again, protruding neck vein and all, railing about how Mitt Romney and Co. will "put y'all back in chains." Biden was speaking to a largely African American audience, but I am sure that had nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, President Golf Swing himself talked about important issues in Iowa today...snickering and sneering about Mitt Romney transporting his dog on the roof of the family car while vacationing with the Romney family some thirty years ago. Good swipe Mr. President.  And let's not forget the frothy mouthed, lunatic Obama supporter in Iowa who literally charged the stage to get a piece of Paul Ryan, in something that seemed to come straight out of the movie 28 Days Later.

Contrast this with the newly energized Romney Ryan campaign, where two professional men are on the trail discussing issues in a civil and professional way. Paul Ryan does an especially good job of this. He sticks to facts, doesn't get flustered, and picks apart liberal arguments with a calm smile on his face. This is something the liberal networks will have to face come debate time, and so will Joe Biden, god help him. Mitt Romney, though robotic at times, is nowhere near the level arrogance and loose unprofessionalism Barack Obama displays. Romney says what he has to say, in his usual overly politician way, but he never whines. Barack Obama whines and snickers with a sly, snide grin on his face. It is disgusting.

As the Obama campaign descends into the the ideological and financial abyss (The Romney campaign has surpassed them in both areas) Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are on the campaign trail behaving professionally and calmly like adults while they discuss the issues that they feel need discussing. The tone of the Romney campaign has been civil and professional thus far. But the disgusting tactics of the Obama campaign have forced Romney to respond and he did it in the way his supporters have been waiting for:

"Mr. Obama, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago!"



Silverfiddle said...

Obama and Biden are sounding all mad and shouty, ain't they?

Hack said...

I don't blame them. With such a dismal record to run on, all they can do is get all emotional and point at the other guy. It's funny, neither Obama or his supporters seem to ever want to talk about Obama as much as they do Romney!

Adrienne said...

Joe playing the "angry white dude" is just not working. He appears demented!

Hack said...

Joe Biden and his bulging neck vein are a liability for the Democrats. If I was them, I would dump him for Hillary right now. That prospect actually scares me and if they were to do that, I think Obama might win.