Monday, August 20, 2012

The Brandon Raub Facebook Posts. Why was he detained?

Brandon Raub is a Marine veteran who was detained last week by the FBI due to some supposedly questionable Facebook comments about the government. His detention (not arrest) has sparked a flurry of activity on the net, with the blogs and message boards abuzz over why Big Brother illegally detained him.

Some say it is because of his 9/11 conspiracy views. Some say because of his inflammatory comments about the government. Like Mr. Raub's Facebook page, which can still be viewed here, the internet is full of millions of blogs, facebook pages, and other websites containing Alex Jones like talking points about the New World Order, 9/11 conspiracy theories, and anarchist ideology in general. After taking a look at Brandon Raub's Facebook wall, it is a little easier to understand why he was detained. Judge for yourself.
In a post James Holmes world, you can bet the government is watching what you say.

I can't say I agree with the government detaining Brandon Raub. But after reading his comments, is there any doubt that maybe he was planning something? Maybe he was just another nutjob with crazed ambitions of being some sort of cult/revolutionary leader, but maybe he actually had something planned. I can definitely see both sides to this issue. Was Brandon Raub just a patriotic veteran or a crazed wannabe cult leader? The posts are there. You decide.

Moral of the isn't a good idea to post everything you're thinking on Facebook. They're watching.


Adrienne said...

Hack - have you had a chance to read this yet?

Hack said...

No I didn't but just did now. Great post! You summed it up pretty well...if you are planning a revolution don't post it on Facebook!

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Thanks for the posting the FB posts, Hack, I hadn't seen them. He sounds a bit nuts to me, actually. But I don't see any overt threats to blow up something . . . that sharpening his ax to chop off heads thing is worrying, though. I don't use FB anymore, but if I did, he certainly wouldn't be on my friends list.

Hack said...

No problem Fuzzy. I think everyone should read the posts first, then decide where they stand.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

I so agree, Hack. I was initially interested in this story because of the spin, but quickly figured out that there was an actual there there and kind of lost interest until I saw your and Adrienne's posts.

Adrienne said...

Those posts were nothing compared to the ones on his other site which have all been removed.

Hack said...

What did those say?

republicanmother said...

If in those other violent posts that were taken down. (By whom if he was whisked off to the hospital?) called for violence on specific agencies or persons than he could have been arrested.

But he was NOT arrested, he is being detained at the hospital for the next month. What you need to look at is when standard operational procedures are suddenly not followed.

Also, the James Holmes thing was totally a setup. Just like they did Fast and Furious, they set up that kid, whose dad was a big wig at FICO, whose granddad was in intelligence, who was working with a freaking DoD neuroscience grant. They did a similar thing to the Unabomber.

The comment I find most interesting is where Raub says:

What I need is for someone to come pick me up so we can get the revolution started.

He says it again just a few days before he was picked up.

That seems like a weird thing to say, and I'm wondering if it isn't significant somehow, given what I've been learning about mind control and signals.

Silverfiddle said...

If his arrest is open and subject to legal scrutiny, then perhaps I could agree with it. Like the rest of you, I'm torn on this one.

I don't like the FBI dragging people off to insane asylums (it smacks of the old Soviet Union), but on the other hand, what if this guy is serious and he really thinks he will start a revolution. Of course he won't, but what if his deluded attempt killed innocent people, and then we found out the government knew about it and did nothing?

Good post!

Adrienne said...

Overt threats of violence to government agencies and different people. He also sounded like he was expecting a "suicide by cop" thing. I didn't take screen shots because I figured others would see the double Facebook account. Apparently not.

I think he's more of a threat to himself. Let's not forget the Colorado shooter who displayed all the symptoms of being dangerous and no one did or said anything.

When I'm checking on someone on Facebook (like Trayvon Martin), one of the first things I do is check his friends and family pages. Before Trayvon's page was pulled, his comments on his sister's page were pretty dang bad. Also, just about every friend of his fell in the very unsavory category. Remember the old saying, "You'll know them by their friends?"

Kid said...

McVeigh started that way.

Unknown said...

Well precrime police here we come. Its human nature to vent in some form or other and it was your right to do so back in the day. Maybe he was gonna do something, maybe his bark was louder than his bite. No one knows. Freedom of speach and god givin thought and opinions are becoming more and more criminalized. Jmo

Always On Watch said...

Similar threats were made against GWB. Any imprisonment for those folks?