Thursday, August 30, 2012

2012 Republican National Convention Finale: Olympians, Eastwood, Rubio, and President Mitt Romney

I didn't expect much more than the usual politician double talk at the final night of the GOP Convention but boy was I wrong. Tonight featured a beefed up lineup of real people with real stories and made an excellent case for Mitt Romney.

The night kicked off with a host of "regular" people, friends and acquaintances of the Romneys. Several close friends, church members, and business partners shared personal stories of the love, dedication, and commitment to serving others that Romney has exhibited through the years. Their personal accounts were compelling. So compelling in fact, that the savage liberal vultures on the PBS panel I was watching, Mark Shields, David Brooks, and Gwen Ifill to name a few, had nothing but words of praise and admiration soon after. I was absolutely shocked.

Not long after, another powerful voice stepped up to bat for Romney. A self admitted "liberal Democrat", Jane Edmonds had served in Romney's cabinet while in Massachusetts. Her speech was direct, emotional, and quite entertaining!

Soon after, as emotion and enthusiasm began to rise in the arena, the crowd was introduced to a large group of past and present American Olympians, including gold medalists Kim Rhode, Derek Parra, and Michael Eruzione. All had the same thing to say...We want Mitt!

Following that was a stirring and well crafted video, which I freely admit...was nothing more than political propaganda...but it was extremely well crafted and produced political propaganda!

And oh my...Clint Eastwood decided to pop in for a little chat and that's exactly what it was. He didn't give a speech. He talked to the audience like one would talk to someone over dinner. "You see, you, me...we own this country!". "We are HIS boss." And just like everyone in the arena and America wanted to hear..."Go ahead...make my day." Enjoy.

Up next, the budding star Marco Rubio gave a stirring speech invoking the true virtues of American exceptionalism. Describing the burdens of expansive government under Obama and the liberals Rubio angrily cried, "Those are the kinds of things immigrants who come here are running away from!"

And finally, the man the whole night revolved around and the speech everyone had waited for. The next president of our country, Mitt Romney gave a great speech to cap off the night. His most effective line of the night? He looked straight into the camera after saying that Obama had promised to "heal the planet" and firmly said, "My to help you and your family."

It is now official. Romney has fired up the base like he needed to. Mitt Romney had over ten Olympians, personal friends, and Clint Eastwood speak for him tonight. Obama will have Jimmy Carter, Eva Longoria, and Sandra Fluke speaking for him next week. Translation? The election is over.

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Adrienne said...

Never mind all that rah rah bullstuff. They had balloons. Not just a few balloons, but thousand upon thousand of balloons. I love balloons. End of story...