Saturday, October 23, 2010

Josh Hamilton's classy acceptance of the ALCS MVP trophy


Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Josh used to play in the minors for my local team, the Charleston Riverdogs...ironically a New York Yankees farm team. In all there were 19 former Riverdogs in the MLB playoffs this year. Here's a memory from a buddy of mine:
"Ten years ago, when Charleston was on the road playing in Hagerstown, MD, I gave "Hammy" a lift back to the hotel after a game. He signed so many autographs afterward that the bus ended up leaving him at the ballpark. So there he was, riding shotgun in full uniform. One of my favorite baseball stories. I was so glad he turned his life around."

Samuel Gonzalez said...

I enjoyed watching that vid, thanks for putting it up. I have a soft spot for Texas because Nolan Ryan is involved and he came up with my team, the Mets. And any team that beat the Yankees become my friends. You have a great site Hack. If you ever want me to link to a story you post send email an at and I'll link to it.

Jim McKee said...

Finally got a chance to watch this... what a class act. I hope the Rangers win the Series!