Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chris Matthews graces us with his priceless intellect yet again.

It's been a while since Mount Matthews has erupted ugly enough to warrant a post on here. Well this one is a dandy!

In Chris Matthews's latest exhibition of nail biting stupidity, he goes political with the completely non political story of the trapped Chilean miners' long awaited rescue, saying of the Tea Party..."You know these people, if they were every man for himself down in that mine, they wouldn't have gotten out," and "They would have been killing each other after about two days.”

Chris you are dead wrong on this one. I believe it would  have been more accurate to say if there was a TV down there running nonstop Hardball with Chris Matthews they would have most certainly been killing each other not after two days, but two hours at the very most. And we aren't just talking Tea Partiers here.

Someone needs to take Matthews and his plummeting ratings and irrelevant platform for releasing his toxic pollution into the political atmosphere elsewhere where his talents are better needed. I could see a lot more money being made if someone put him in a zoo where he could run around like a monkey uttering stupid phrases all day long for the public to see.

"I have a thrill going up my leg. I have a thrill going up my leg. Tea Party KKK. Obama God. Gaahhhh...."

Yeah I'd pay to go see that. Or, if you don't have the money, just watch Hardball.

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