Friday, October 1, 2010

My recap of ABC's Islam: Questions and Answers

After cringing and wincing through this hour long special, I have to let loose.

This segment was just as I had predicted. 60 minutes of misleading rabbit trails, red herrings, diversions and an obvious agenda.

Yours truly scribbled down a few main points as they gushed forth in horrific display from the screen. I will address them in list format for the sake of time.

-Comparison to Christianity
What an utter abomination this was. Am I supposed to think the religions of Christianity and Islam are even close to being identical simply because both Muslims and Christians believe in the figure of Jesus? ABC certainly thinks so. This was a great way to set the tone for the show. They did do the viewer a service and point out in one simple sentence the fallacy of Islam while referencing Muslims do not believe Jesus died on a cross, which is in fact one of the most documented, easily proved, historical events in history.

-Reference to the early years of Islam after Muhammad's death as peaceful
Too easy. Just too easy. ABC hired some crappy historians I'll tell you that. In this brief moment early on in the show the early years of Islam following the death of Muhammad are misleadingly portrayed as a time of peace and the advance of human civilization. They fail to mention the bloody conquests from Arabia to Egypt, across the entire swathe of north Africa and into Iberia across the Strait of Gibraltar. To the east, Muslims went on violent conquest through Persia all the way into modern day India and China. Let's not mention that though.

-Dearborne, Michigan
To the ignorant viewer, Dearborne, Michigan is just another American town, it just happens to be inhabited by a whole lot of nice Muslims who love America. This may be true. But it would behoove you to know that Sharia Law is slowly but surely taking hold of that "American" town. It has become so extreme that Christian evangelists are not even allowed to preach on the streets. Yes, that does sound American!

The driving force behind propaganda. Any collection of pictures/videos can invoke a specific response from a viewer. ABC did this quite well for their agenda. Continue to plaster the viewer with images of adorable Muslim children without mercy, as they tell you in the cutest voices possible about their love for Muhammad. Funny, it was never mentioned that Muhammad was married and had sexual relations with a child of the same age. 

-Attacks on Christianity
At one point they cleverly put forth violent passages of the Bible thinking they might get you to think they were from the Q'uran. How cute. However, they never once delve into those passages, their context, or meaning. It is nothing short of a direct attack on Christianity, and yet another attempt to make the two religions into one, which I slowly realized was the central theme behind the entire show.

-"Who do you think you are?"
These were the words of one supposedly "moderate" Muslim girl from Egypt regarding American foreign policy. ABC conveniently shows shots of her listening to her Ipod and doing other "American" things. I guess she's one of us too. I'd like to point out something every crucial here. Her response "Who do you think you are?" is the usual response from the VAST majority of Muslims towards the United States. What does this one line rhetorical question mean? Well it shows me a few things. First, their absolute refusal to show sympathy for, or even simply acknowledge the tragedy of September 11th. They do not show an ounce of sympathy nor do they condemn the actions of the Muslims who did it. Instead, they attack America for being the aggressor. We see these types of responses from "moderate" Muslims everywhere. It is vital in understanding their thought process and their real view of the world. Leftists are the same way.

I'll sum up as briefly as I can without having a brain hemorrhage. This entire segment was aimed at doing one thing, building a bridge between Christianity and Islam by painting them as identical, while simultaneously in a subagenda portraying the American Muslim as the everyday American. Softball questions. Strategic imagery. Not telling the facts. I could have made an hour long segment on the history of Islam using historical fact and even Q'uranic reference and you would have a much different view on the cult of Islam than you do after watching this butt kissing sad sack excuse for journalism. Showing me constant images and interviews of nice people who claim to be Muslims but barely know or practice their religion does not magically make worldwide Islamic terrorism cease to exist! Even worse, somehow I am supposed to believe that these "Muslims" make up one billion of the 1.2 billion Muslims on the planet??? My foot. These people are not Muslims. Just like the average American "Christian" who only attends church on Christmas eve and Easter Sunday is not a Christian. It is a breach of human dignity and moral decency to mislead people into believing Islam is something it isn't under the guise of world peace. I hate to break it to the good liberals at ABC, but it isn't solving anything and it sure as heck will not stop Islamic extremism from polluting the world. They didn't even attempt to delve into the worldwide epidemic of Islamic extremism.

One last thing I'd like to point out is this. Contrary to what big media likes to put forth, you as an American, and human being, are not in the wrong for questioning or even going against Islam. Somehow the enlightened and tolerant liberals running the world of journalism love to make it seem as if the hostile actions of American citizens towards Islam is something bad. It isn't. It is simply an adherence to Newton's Third Law, a reaction to an action. A human reaction. It's natural and morally pure to stand against evil. I encourage all of you to continue doing it.


Anonymous said...

Well said. The show just left me with the thought, "ABC, and Diane Sawyer, and everyone involved, did a great job deceiving the American public." It was all about deception. And sadly, many, many Americans, without checking the facts, will fall for it.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm on blood-pressure pills already. I knew better than to watch it.

Mamasooz said...

Excellent synopsis - so sick of them shoving the muslim agenda down our throats... but that's how this regime rolls. They shove everything vile down our throats and are pissed off when we don't thank them and ask for more.

Hi said...

Ha. Ha. Didn’t you know that there’s no difference between celibate Jesus and aggressive Mohammed, who married a kid?