Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ed Schultz exemplifies left wing dishonesty.

What a sorry, sorry man this is.

To be honest, I had never even heard of this guy until recently. Apparently he is an MSNBC talk show host. That's probably why.

Ed Schultz, yet another moronic talking head for the progressive agenda, is a bold faced liar and a complete idiot. He isn't even convincing in his deception. If I was a liberal, I'd be ashamed to have such an idiot representing me.

Watch this feeble attempt by Ed to convince people that his "One Nation" rally had equal, if not more, attendees. Try to hold back the puke.

All I can do is laugh. Anyone with a developed brain can easily see both from the footage above, as well as countless areal photographs, AP photos, CNN photos, Fox News photos, ABC News photos, NBC news photos, CBS News photos, HLN photos, MSNBC photos (yes, even them), freelance journalist photos, attendee photos, and any other freaking photos out there that the Restoring Honor Rally easily had more people than this left wing communist get together Mr. Schultz likes to think represents "mainstream" America.

Not only did the Restoring Honor rally attract a heck of a lot more people, it was far more diverse and much more powerful in its message.

And the people there actually put their hands over their hearts when the national anthem was sung!

I'm not going to waste my energy ranting about this. Ed Schultz represents your typical dishonest left winger, much like the one currently occupying the White House and all I can do is have pity.

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Anonymous said...

a Obama shill and voter.