Sunday, August 26, 2012

The American Ghetto: Proof that big liberal government doesn't work

Long ago, the Apostle Paul made the bold statement, "he who doth not work, neither shall he eat." In America it is, "he who doth not work shall eat, and smoke, and drink, and be able to afford shiny new rims for his low riding Caddy, generously paid for by he that doth work."

America's crime infested inner city ghettos are perfect examples of big, failing government. Since the days of LBJ's Great Society, big government progressives have strived to create a society as close to Marx's version of universal utopia as possible, but they failed miserably and continue to do so today, while pumping in billions of dollars of capital from hard working citizens to these hubs of non productivity.

The American ghetto offers the harsh reality of the real world that liberals understand about as good as they understand the Constitution. They vowed to eliminate poverty and social injustice in the 60s by pouring in hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money into the inner cities. What do we have today to show for it? Nothing. Crime rates, poverty, and education results have not improved one iota. But the big government liberals continue their failed scheme, investing in these hopeless places, not with their money, but with ours.

If you truly want to view your hard earned tax dollars at work, take a drive through an urban ghetto at night, if you dare. You will see levels of human non productivity on a mass scale you never thought possible. You will see that the people deserving of your tax dollars standing on the street corner doing nothing can afford two hundred dollar basketball shoes, shiny new jewelry, a bottle of Hennessy,  ninety dollar basketball jerseys, cigarettes, crack cocaine, and any other frivolous non necessity they can get their hands on. The taxpayer subsidized section 8 housing, which is nicer than most apartment complexes (when new) is an even bigger testament to this failed policy. These nice housing units swiftly deteriorate into drug havens in mere months, and look like ancient ruins overtaken by weeds and vines shortly after.

While the middle class struggles, the enlightened liberals in a far off land pretend like they know what's best. The progressive kings on a throne in a far away castle you cannot even see, continue to force the hardworking middle class peasant to pay higher tribute so they can turn around and give it to the drunkard sleeping in his own vomit well into the afternoon.

Suburban white California and east coast liberals are completely illiterate when it comes to issues like these. They don't have a freaking clue.

Investing in education? Failure.

Eliminating poverty? Failure. 

Reducing crime? Failure.


Silverfiddle said...

"he who doth not work shall eat, and smoke, and drink, and be able to afford shiny new rims for his low riding Caddy, generously paid for by he that doth work."

Pure poetry, Hack!

You have summed it up beautifully, and I love the charts.

Progressivism is destroying our society and flushing this nation down the toilet.

Hack said...

Muchas gracias Silver!