Monday, August 27, 2012

Andrea Mitchell ties 2012 GOP Convention to Bush, Katrina

She tries so hard!

NBC's Andrea Mitchell Ties GOP Convention to Katrina, Bush

Andrea Mitchell is a complete partisan posing as a journalist. She is a disgrace to the profession. Stay tuned here throughout the week. I have been a busy bee as of late collecting countless samples of liberal bias in the media. At the end of the GOP convention this week, I will post everything in a master list. Then I'll collect evidence of media "leg tingling" when the Democrat Convention starts. In 2 weeks, the master list comparison will be published. 


Silverfiddle said...

She's just faithfully executing her duties as a goose-stepping foot soldier in the Ministry of Truth!

LibertyAtStake said...

A perfect setup for the Poser-In-Chief, actually. He can take credit for billions of dollars spent on hardening NOLA's defenses, which anybody would have authorized after Katrina, and did (even Bush). He'll probably blow it by spiking the football ungraciously - just like with OBL.