Friday, August 17, 2012

Joe Biden: God's Greatest Gift to Republicans


Recent talk of having Hillary Clinton replace Joe Biden as Obama's running mate had me worried. I am glad they are keeping him on the derailing Obama choo choo train of failed ideas and failed action.

The more Joe Biden speaks, the more Republicans gain in the polls. The more he opens his gaffe prone trap, the more idiotic Democrats appear to be. Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving for Republicans. He is a valuable asset and I hope we never lose him!

John Kass of the Chicago Tribune summed it up pretty well:

"Is it too late for President Barack Obama to pick up the phone, call Hillary Rodham Clinton and dump Vice President Joe Biden for playing the race card against Republican Mitt Romney? Yep. It’s probably too late, y’all. For years, Biden has suffered from a terrible affliction called Verpes (pronounced Vur-peez), the slang name for verbal herpes, from the Latin herpius verbulus. It comes from repeatedly taking your shoe with your foot still inside it and shoving it all the way into your mouth so that it smacks that little punching bag thing back there called a uvula.”


Kid said...

I'm thinking obama asked and hilrod turned him down. I don't like her, I say she's a lying evil bitch but she isn't stupid and being VP for obama means in order to run herself at some point - 2016? she'd have to take the position of supporting this butthole for 4 years Then be stuck with the actions they took as her own..

Anonymous said...

Slow Joe makes Obama look smart

Ducky's here said...

Love to see him in a steel cage match with Paul Ryan.

Hack said...

Yes, it should be a good match, and I am eager to see how Joe fares!

Masculist Man said...

Hey,Hack,how's it going?

Biden is definitely a moron. He's only worth keeping around if he is out of politics or any other occupation where he has the lives of others in his hands like being a crossing guard.

As far as the election is concerned Ron Paul is still in it so I'm backing him. If he concedes then I'm for Romney all the way. Fuck Obama.

Silverfiddle said...

Every court needs a jester!