Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Isaac has made leftists believe in God.

Libs from coast to coast have been feeling the Holy Spirit lately.

Hurricane Isaac's bad timing for the GOP Convention has former atheists as giddy as little schoolgirls. It must be the hand of God himself!

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, stated God had decided to "shut the whole thing down."

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post asked if God had forsaken the Republican party.

All of a sudden, God exists! Amen libtards! Amen!


Anonymous said...

Oh forgot, Florida Goes Typically Blue, unless of course it's stolen from say SCOTUS and the Bushies.

So Blue Florida probably prayed it away to go to your backhackwards Red States. Maybe? Don't know.

White Guy in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

HACK why didn't you post all the good stuff

- you still censoring me Geez, I guess -

... about the Red States i.e. GA, SC, NC, MS, AL, LA, TX getting their Guberment handouts from FEMA and lining up to stick out those hands. I was saying you know Isaac is headed right into the heart of Red States Land.

You know the South get's its fair share of FEMA handouts, now don't it. But no the Guberment doesn't do nothing for those with emergency FEMA funds? Right? I mean, shoot when you need to evacuate those Red States don't Red States depend on the G'oberments Evacuation Plan, the G'uberments Help co-ordinating, the G'uberments 1st Responders, National Guard and of course those Guberment built highways and the millions to put you back together again saving your asses.

You might even get some much needed rain in your drought ridden southern states, but don't worry, the Guberment you hate will subsidise the Farmers Insurance and get your Red States will be paid for the crops that have been affected by the worst drought in the USA.

Dear Bobby Jindal is already sticking his hand out. Good Obama has already released monies in advance of the storm and Ready FEMA is prepared to help.

Thank goodness heck of a Job Brownie - the Arabian horsey guy ain't in charge - no more.

But, no G'uberment doesn't do anything for you Red States, not at all.

Get your Guberment out my life.

White Guy in Alaska

P.S. Please post this you censoring Hack! I can't remember my exact words everytime I have to ask you to re-post what you censor. So from now on I'll keep a copy and comment till you do.


Hack said...

Waaaa...keep crying like your finger pointing president. I don't publish comments that are a rambling incoherent mess. Now shoo along little one..go change your diaper.

SpanishWarDonkey said...

WGIA... To quote Sam Jackson: "English motherf*cker.
Do you speak it?!" We all know the only reason Obama did anything preemptively is because there's an election just around the corner, and he can't afford to tank anymore than he already is in the polls.
I'll preface this next remark with the fact I've never been a fan of Slick Ricky, but last spring when wildfires burned north of half a million acres in my home of north Texas and he asked for some government assistance, the Orator told him to shove it. So don't give me that shit about how the government we hate is actually doing something. Its their job, dumbass.