Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2012 Democrat Convention speakers announced..Rahm Emanuel and John Kerry.

Democrats announce convention speakers

Yes we have some winners here! I can't wait for John Kerry's speech. Somebody should record and market it as an alternative to Ambien.

And Rahm Emanuel? Even the ignorant layman knows he is a complete crook churned straight out of the Chicago mafia. The mayor of the Windy City is as criminal as they come and only fitting. A criminal running a city full of criminals. Obama and Rahm's Chitown territory might as well be Kandahar or Anbar province. 2 weeks ago, Chicago Police "praised" a drop in homicides in July as evidence the city is moving in a new direction...only 49 people were murdered, instead of 55 in 2011. Currently, the murder rate in Rahm's Chicago is 3 times higher than New York City, and twice as high as both Moscow and Mexico City. Projections have the final 2012 tally above 500 murders by the end of the year. I guess these are the "values" Chicago possesses, ones that a fast food chain called Chick-Fil-A apparently doesn't have.

The fact Obama and the Democrats are even giving this guy a speaking slot at the DNC convention is laughable. They can have him. He represents even more clarity in the 2012 decision. If the citizenry choose the side Rahm Emanuel sits on, God help us.


It was brought to my attention by my personal liberal troll White Man in Alaska that Sandra Fluke will also represent the Democrats in Charlotte. Yippee!!


Kid said...

That's the bottom line. If there are enough losers and morons willing to put this POS back in for 4 years, then we know beyond a shadow of a doubt this country has officially been flushed.

Anonymous said...

You left out Georgetown Student the amazing Sandra Fluke.

Can't wait to continue the conversation about women's rights and their bodies.

Raaaah !!!


So how's Akin in MI defining you. would you let your brother rape your daughter and force her to have the baby? What about your neighbor or a complete stranger? Are you the party that forces women to accept a incest or forced rape situation.

GOV Bob McDonnel (Mr. transvaginal Probe) of VA added it again to the GOP party platform.

Good Luck.

White Guy in Alaska.

(Can't wait for the nutjobs you got to respond to this post.)

Hack said...

Fluke is speaking at the convention!!? Ahahaa...ahahaaa..hahahaaahahaahahaaaaaa!!!!! That's as bad as if the GOP had Akin speak at theirs!! You guys picked some real winners!

Silverfiddle said...

That's all they got...

Heh heh heh...

They are scraping the bottom of the barrel

LibertyAtStake said...

Will they announce Fluke as a 'contraceptive activist' or 'randy graduate student'?