Saturday, August 25, 2012

Outrageous: What a liberal wrote in to my local newspaper.

An enlightened liberal in my neck of the woods decided to let his voice be heard in my local newspaper today...

"I wonder why any of you Romney-Ryan Republicans would want anything to do with me. Without a pension and receiving only minimum Social Security, I'm $1,800 below poverty level, so I haven't had to pay income taxes for years. Mr. Wiegand of Eureka (Aug. 12 Forum) believes I shouldn't even be allowed to vote. 
HUD pays most of my rent. In addition to Medicare, I depend on Medicaid. I receive and depend on food stamps. LIHEAP pays my Ameren electric bill. Another program pays all but $1.10 of my prescriptions. Another program pays part of my phone bill. I don't have long distance service. These are just the basics. 
So why would Romney-Ryan Republicans want anything to do with me? I guess I should just crawl into a corner and die, along with all the other sponges and deadbeats."

My family and I debated for some time over whether this write in was a joke or legitimate. We concluded, because it was a response to an earlier write in, it is probably, sadly, legitimate.  I am glad our newspaper published this leech's filthy diatribe for all to see. You're welcome for funding your life with my tax dollars.


Gorges Smythe said...

Sounds like a retired person to me.

Hack said...

Retired or not, he is a leech sucking the taxpayers dry. Exactly the type of scenario that has bankrupted Greece. We are headed down a long, bumpy road, and eventually over a cliff.

Silverfiddle said...

I think we should take care of those who can't take care of themselves, but it should be at the lowest level, not from the federal government.

Also, our government should be encouraging self-sufficiency. Right now, it does the opposite. Constant devaluation of our currency ensures that even a thrifty worker will have scant savings when she hits 65 years old, thus increasing her dependence on government in her old age.

It's perverse.

Hack said...

I agree Silver. Local communities..churches, families, and such, should be taking care of the less fortunate. I'm sorry but retired or not, no person should be receiving that much aid from the state. That is a complete slap in the face to every taxpayer.