Monday, August 13, 2012

Tax the rich!

Yeah! Tax those greedy fat cats until they can't even pay the water bill! And give me all the money because I say I want it! They need to pay their fair share and give the difference to me!

Get real liberals. You all live in a fantasy dream world full of multicolored rainbows and frolicking unicorns and little green leprechauns handing out endless gold coins to all the cute little critters in the forest. 

Here's an important life lesson: There will always be winners and losers. Whether it is a little league baseball game or the big game of life. 

Obama and his left wing entourage of ignorant, misguided groupies continue to harp about "taxing the rich" and "a new vision of America in which prosperity is shared."

That sounds fine and good and all, except it isn't possible. Some important thinkers of recent centuries have said a few words about this. And Barack Obama and the rest of his bruised knee groupies would do well to listen.

"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries."

 ---Winston Churchill

 "To take from one because it is thought that his own industry and that of his father's has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association -- the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it."

---Thomas Jefferson

This isn't a recent debate by any means. Some 30 years ago economist Milton Friedman fielded a question from an Obama supporter in the making. Friedman easily explains why "taxing the rich" doesn't work.

The bottom line is simple. There will always be winners and losers. Always. Barack Obama and other left wing big thinkers believe if they can just taaaake a little here and move it juuuust a little over there and even things out everyone will be happy. Guess what happens after that? The winners of society will immediately start moving up the ladder yet again due to their decision making and the losers will immediately start moving down the ladder because of their decision making. That is the nature of man.

The whole basis of left wing economic philosophy is rooted in punishing and demonizing those who are successful while actively attempting to prop up the inherent losers of society. This is why poverty still exists despite the massive government efforts of so many politicians past through monstrous initiatives like "The Great Society".

For any open minded liberal reading, I suggest you exit the utopian confines of Burlington, Vermont and take a stroll through your nearest ghetto to see just how well all that government assistance is working out for those poor folks you strive to fight for. Drive through any inner city ghetto or trailer park where 95% of the inhabitants are on government welfare, observe their behavior, and take note of the "necessities" they spend our tax dollars on. Necessities like cigarettes, liquor, lottery tickets, porn, shiny new rims, basketball jerseys, Air Jordan shoes, and all the other vital life sustaining supplies. But if only we could just tax the rich a little bit more. 


Fredd said...

I would advise extreme caution to those folks who take Hack's recommendations to heart, and actually venture into the southside of Chicago to see with their own eyes how the transfer of wealth works in the real world.

They might just get a bullet in the brain.

Anonymous said...

Yes Tax The Rich, what do you think the rich do with a dollar saved from taxes?

They invest it into a high yeilding banknote, body or dividend paying stock. I own stocks that pay 12% or better dividends.

So a Millionaire put's one of his millions in the bank and say he gets what the market averages per year.

1,000,000 x 12% return - 1,112,000.

Yes that's $112,000 he made. Since it was all capital gaines he pays just 15% - That how it works for Romney. So if your a millionaire, you don't have to work. I could live off 112,000 less 15% in taxes.

Romney earns $240 Million from investments. What's he going to do with it hire 10 more butlers? Buy 10 businesses and employ 1000 people. No he's going to bank it and watch it grow and bank it in Swizerland, or Bermuda so he doesn't have to pay the taxes on it here. He's going to sit on it.

Money works when it's in the economy. The Government, wheter you like it or not buys things, and employee's people, and needs services. Which all get spent. And you want the rich to get massisively richer. By reducing their tax liability.

Oh liberal millionaires spend money! But they save more than they spend. You give them an extra dollar, they're going to bank 75% of it. It will never see the light of day.

Speaking of markets, did you know the stock market, historically speaking has done better with a Dempocrat in office compared to when a Republican is in office. True Fact.

White Guy in Alaska.

Hack said...

Yep, keep demonizing the producers and worshiping government, just like I pointed out! You people are too boring and predictable!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this right, there are 300 Million people in the USA, 1% earn more than 3 Million/year, that's 3 million people total, so you want to vote against your own self interests, give up medicare, and helathcare, cut back on fire fighters and police, so that $24 Million Millionaires get to pay Zero in Taxes and will bank it and not spend it in the economy? So they are exempt from contributing to the roads they use, or paying for the military to protect thier country, or from the CDC from protecting them from disease outbreaks, or from the FDA checking foods for bovine/mad cow disease, or fish from too much mercury, or vegetables from ecolli etc. I mean if I have a dump truck full of hazardous waste for say a coal plant or a nuclear plant, we should just come over to your house and dump it in your backyard right. I mean the deer you hunt or the fish you catch in your streams in your back yard ... eh no problem right?

I don't need nobody I can do it all myself. I can test the food I eat, or check the meds I use, shoot I can put safty belts in and do the safety studies myself. Shoot I can even build a jet fighter. Man, I'm so good i could build a rocket ship. It take you 200 life times to do it all and you'd be scratching the surface. He are a collection iof individuals that if we're good do several things great and specialize in typically one thing. Get ready ... I'm going to use the word ... we ... we ... are part of a ... Society. All working together for everyone and making sure vultures don't scam us and get over on those that don't better. Everyone can't do everything by themselves now can they?

So give the rich everything free and clear. But then someone like you will have to give your money to the tax man? Unless your Rich and can get all the breaks? What's fair to you?

Hack said...

I am a believer in a flat tax across the board for all tax brackets. Not giving tax breaks for certain groups and certainly not for taxing certain groups higher in order to compensate for the utter economic failure of another.

"We will destroy Kulak as a class!" says White Man in Alaska in true red Bolshevik fashion!

Anonymous said...

Then I guess you vote against Romeny/Ryan b/c he advocates for Zero taxes for the Rich. Ryan's plan eliminates taxes for Romney.

A vote for Romney is a vote to let them pay zilch. They are not running on a Flat Tax stance. It doesn't matter what you want it's what they will do when they're in power and what the tax code will become from what it is today.

Good luck on that flat tax pipe dream thing. Let me know how that works going up against the Accounting GAAP Lobby.

I could argue you want to put all accountants and bookeepers out of business - you job killer. But let's just stick to the topic of Taxes.

Having owned my own Tax Service I know a few things.

White Guy in Alaska

Chuck said...

You're a gutless, dumbass liar. No one has advocated zero taxes for the so called rich. Why is it you scum can't complete a sentence that doesn't contain a lie? You vermin are glad to see record unemployment, runaway debt and a nation turned to ruin just so you can know better Americans than you are being attacked by the parasitic Federal government.

May you rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for my last 2 posts ... Eh Hem ...

Reality sucks doesn't it?

White Guy in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

You didn't post my response to Chuck above ... I had posts with these links in them.

Here is part of it again.

"Under Ryan's 2010 proposal, taxes on income derived from capital gains, interest, dividends and inheritance would be eliminated. This would mean that Romney -- who reported an income of $27 million in 2010, all of it from those sources -- would have paid nothing in taxes, according to the Atlantic."

Yes Chuck, he won't pay for any military spending, no highways or bridges, he'll be paying nothing, he'll be scott free. His money the $27 Million he earns off dividends will compound tax free. He'll just keep heaping more money ontop of his $240 Million we know about in assets.

Rule of 72 - Divide 72 by the interest rate you are getting on your investments like oh a 1 yr CD getting 1.5%/ per year, that would take you 48 to double your money.

Now I'm a savy investor, the stock market on average has returned 12% year over year since it's inception. So if i get a 12% return, I can double my money in 6 years.

You think Romney is savy? I think he is, so he'll be able to double his money and pay zero taxes. Kinda cool huh. What does a rich guy do with a tax break he ... banks it. He doesn't spend it.

Here it is again the link to a chart and article about why why the stock market does better under Democrats v. Repukes.

Like I said before, I'm not lying I'm backing it up.

You know you all keep voting against your best interests for stupid wedge issues. Like gays or abortion. Gays and Abortions make up less than 3% of the population in this country. What about the rest of the 97% of the people.

You'd rather vote for the riches tax cuts and austerity cuts and cut your own throats. I mean you'd offset paying for police, fire fighters and teachers and eliminate medicare and social security to give the rich a tax break again?

If you make less than $200K, he's not going to tax you. So you are going to help the 1% get tax breaks. Those people who make $3million or more a year. Your going to let them never help pay for our military, or highways/infrastructure or the CDC or NIH, or FEMA? You will allow them to pay nothing.

The Rich are laughing all the way to the bank on your hard work and backs again. You'll pay all the taxes right! Wow! If you make less than $3 Million/Year you are, whether you like it or not in the 99%.

Who's the fool?

Obama has passed 14 small business bills to incentivise businesses to hire folks. Did you know that an employer gets a $6K tax credit for hiring a Veteran? You know that he is giving credits to small busineeses to implement the Obamacare act. What have the Reppigys done? Obstruct, Obstruct, Obstruct.

Your the party of wanting to go backwards. Shame that you don't realize that Obama is on your side. B/C the Repiggy's are just that, Pigs for Greed.

The Republicans blocked the Fair Pay Act for Women, Why? You want to back to the stoneage. Always going backwards.

Who are the fools?

White Guy in Alaksa.