Friday, August 24, 2012

Chicago, IL: Most dangerous city in the world?

It certainly is no Baghdad, Caracas, or Ciudad Juarez, but Chicago is fast becoming infamous on the world stage for it's extreme levels of gun violence. While America is gripped by mass shootings in movie theaters, Sikh temples, and famous landmarks, the real mass shootings are taking place in the shadows of what was once one of America's greatest cities.

NBC Chicago reports the Windy City as "The Deadliest Alpha City in the World".

The following are murder rates in 2012 per 100,000 citizens...

Singapore 0.4
Tokyo 0.5
Hong Kong 0.6
Berlin 1.0
Sydney 1.0
London 1.4
Toronto 1.7
Amsterdam 1.8
Paris 4.4
New York 6.0
Los Angeles 7.5
Mexico City 8.0
Moscow 9.6
Sao Paolo 15.6
Chicago 19.4

While the United States gasps over the 2 dead bodies at the Empire State Building, 19 people were shot in a single night in Chicago the night before.

It's ok. At least the people of Chicago won't be subjected to the "hateful" presence of Chick-Fil-A. Thanks Rahm. Keep pushing those Chicago "values"!

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Steve: The Lightning Man said...

But....but.....the Nanny State in those liberal bastions of Chicago, NYC, and Detroitistan made it a safe Utopia by banning personal self defense handguns.....yeah, right