Monday, August 13, 2012

Morality proves there is a God.

If there is one rock solid proof of a higher power, it is the inherent moral code that dictates the thoughts, philosophies, behaviors, and actions of humanity including every tongue and tribe across the face of the earth.

Why do humans have a concept of right and wrong? No matter what our religious or non religious persuasion, political leanings, or socio-economic status, all humans know and feel the difference between right and wrong, whether they live by that code or not. Murder is wrong. So is pedophilia. So is theft. So is lying. But why do we know and feel this in the deepest depths of our soul? 

If we lived in a strictly natural world governed by chance happenings of primordial soup and a long string of chemical accidents that happened at just the right time in order to create the right conditions for life, then where did humanity's sense of morality come from? More so, why were human beings the only species to evolve ahead enough to understand the concepts of not only morality, but time, physics, and space?

I posit that our sense of morality is derived from the soul, given to us by God. No amount of moral relativist thought can reverse this. Even those who try their very hardest to refute this by spouting ambiguous ramblings about morality being created by organized religion, being a by product of evolution, or being simply a figment of our imaginations like some Matrix sci-fi fantasy world with no real meaning know deep down that morality is something very real that can be felt in the soul and not constrained by the explanations of science. 

Every human being has a soul. And we all understand the human concept of right vs. wrong. That is proof that God exists and that human beings are not just another species.


Jim McKee said...

Hack, I agree with this post. However, I've also known some atheists who had a heightened sense of morality, so I don't know what to do with that.

Hack said...

Indeed many atheists do have a sense of morality, there is no question of that. But I believe it is that inherent sense of morality in all humans, atheist or not, that separates human beings from the pack, thereby proving the existence of God.

Anonymous said...

Ayn Rand was in favor of Athesim, it's actually her philosophy.

Paul Ryan is a big fan of Ayn Rand.

As of just 2009 he spoke at a Ayn Rand Cherring Club ... Woo Hoo !!!

Atheists actually think Jesus has better morals than Ayn Rand.

Your stuck with the Ryan/Rand/Romney Ticket.

BTW ... your side is F*ked!

White Guy In Alaska ;)

I love freedom of speech !!!

Thanks for posting my comments Hack !!!

Jim McKee said...

Not long ago, Paul Ryan stated that while he is a fan of Ayn Rand's work, he is NOT an Objectivist.

BTW, if your side wins, we're all f*cked.

Grundy said...

I only bring this up because you ask the question "where could our morality have come from" right after touching on a possible answer--evolution.

Don't you think the surviving members of humanity would adopt the strategy of "do not cause harm to others" in order to survive as a social animal?

Hack said...

This would be based upon the premise that morality is simply a natural bypoduct of the evolutionary process, but supposing this is the case, the question still lingers...why are human beings the only species to make laws regarding morality, create religions based on morality, and make philosophical theories and judgements based upon morality? Elephants and racoons may make "moral" decisions (like not killing one another) based upon the instincts of survival, but they don't do anything further.

Grundy said...

For the same reason they don't build roads and divide labor. We are smarter.

Hack said...

There you go!

Grundy said...

Yes...there I go.