Sunday, February 28, 2010

Total domination by American athletes continues.

Team USA has been on an absolute tear these Olympics.

With the 4 man bobsled gold medal win by "Night Train", piloted by Steve Holcomb, the total medal count by American athletes is up to a blistering 36, to make this year's count the highest ever by Team USA.And there's more to come!

Today's gold medal match up in men's hockey between America and Canada should be the highlight of this year's winter Olympics. The game will be televised nationally on NBC at 3 PM Eastern time. I cannot wait. A win over the home team, and crowd, would be reminicisnt of the Miracle Game.

Here's the updated medal count:

America- 36
Germany- 29
Canada- 25
Norway- 22
Austria- 16
Russia- 15
S. Korea- 14
China- 11
France- 11
Sweden- 10
Switzerland- 9
Netherlands- 8
Czech Republic- 6
Poland- 6
Italy- 5
Japan- 5
Finland- 4
Australia- 3
Belarus- 3
Slovakia- 3
Croatia- 3
Slovenia- 3
Latvia- 2
Great Britain- 1
Estonia- 1
Kazakhstan- 1

Where is Saudi Arabia? Iran? Syria? Oh yeah, I forgot suicide bomb vest making wasn't an event.

I haven't seen such a dominant performance by Team USA since the 92 Olympics in Barcelona when the USA Dream Team lead by Micheal Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird absolutely destroyed everything that crossed their path. I love hearing the American national anthem broadcasted to the world...over...and over...and over.

Ahhh, kicking ass. Now that's the American way.

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TRUTH 101 said...

Anyone that could make the case America kicked Iran and Syrian ass even when they didn't show up is worth following Hack.

If traffic slows down let me know and I'll post something lefty to stir things up for you.