Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Teacher's anti-Christian Facebook comments may lead to firing

Teacher may be fired for Facebook comments

A middle school teacher in North Carolina has been suspended and could possibly be fired for saying on Facebook that a student who anonymously left a Bible on her desk is guilty of a hate crime. Because the Bible is so full of hate right!

The Bible, given anonymously, was accompanied by a Christmas card with the word Christ underlined, the Raleigh News & Observer reported. Melissa Hussain's Facebook page does not reveal her own religious beliefs, but she did express annoyance at students in her middle-school class trying to convert her.

Some of the most provocative comments on the page were made by others, including someone who talked about "ignorant Southern rednecks" and another who suggested Hussain bring in a poster of NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr. with a swastika on his forehead.

The suspension has sparked the creation of a Please Support Melissa Hussain fan page that boasts some of the most idiotic and hypocritical buffoonery I've ever seen.

The group's headline reads "please support melissa hussain and fight against religious harassment and intolerance in north carolina!"

The description is a little less nice: Melissa Hussain is the victim of right-wing fundamentalist bigotry/intolerance/ignorance and the school supported violation of church and state separation in North Carolina. Her personal beliefs and privacy have come into question for simply defending herself against the attacks of religious zealots and disruptive students. She is the victim of a Christian witch-hunt and deserves our full support in any action she takes against the parents of these disrespectful students and/or the spineless schoolboard which tolerates such criminal behavior.

Oh really? Ok, let's analyze this.

First off, the supposed "separation of church and state" when it comes to public schools regards the exclusion of religion from school curriculum, not the personal behavior or religious beliefs of individual students. A student has every right to bring a Bible, Koran, Torah, or any other type of religious material to school if they please. Leaving a Bible with a Christmas card emphasizing the word CHRIST is not a hate crime. Distasteful, if meant in a disrespectful and demeaning way towards her atheism (or possibly Islam, if you look at her last name) but not a hate crime or "criminal behavior".

Second, all the cliche liberal mumbo jumbo in red above is flawed in every way. Now I don't know what went on in this classroom. Maybe the students were being disrespectful and if they were, shame on them. But to say that students expressing their Christianity in class is "right wing fundamentalist bigotry/intolerance/ignorance" is a bit intolerant in itself, wouldn't you say? The left is always the same. Tolerance, only for their views.

 I don't think this teacher should be fired because if I did that would make me just as whiny and sensitive as the libs on the other side. I do think she overreacted with her "hate crime" comment. Just give them a detention if they persist. Case closed. And to those who created this Facebook group, change your diaper because you're stinking up America.


Anonymous said...

This is right out of the progressive agitprop handbook.

Is is scary how 7th century obscurantists can use modern day tactics and freedoms to snuff those very freedoms, and the majority of us are too stupid to see it for what it is.

She wants to be free from "religious bigotry?" Then she should go to Saudi Arabia... She won't need to worry about bringing her car, though...

Christopher said...

i must differ here. She should indeed be fired for doing exactly what she accuses the students of doing and in a very "public" manner.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Actually, this is George Washington's entire quote:

In his speech on May 12, 1779, Washington said to the Delaware Chiefs:

"I am glad you have brought three of the Children of your principal Chiefs to be educated with us. I am sure Congress will open the Arms of love to them, and will look upon them as their own Children, and will have them educated accordingly. This is a great mark of your confidence and of your desire to preserve the friendship between the Two Nations to the end of time, and to become One people with your Brethren of the United States. My ears hear with pleasure the other matters you mention. Congress will be glad to hear them too. You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ."

That is quite different from what you quoted.

This is the historical context of what Washington said:

The reason for Washington’s mention of Jesus Christ in the address to the Delaware, the only such mention to appear in any of Washington’s writings, brings us to Barton’s next use of one of the methods on his list -- "The Use of Omission." Barton omits the fact that Washington’s address was a point by point response to the petition he was given by the Delaware chiefs, in which they used the name Jesus Christ in their request for Congress to provide aid for the work of David Ziesberger, a Moravian missionary at one of their settlements.

The entire story of the relationship between the Moravians and this group of Delaware Indians is too complicated to explain here, but what is necessary to understand is that the Delaware chiefs who were trying to keep their people from joining the war on the side of the British knew that the influence of the Moravians and the conversion of the Delawares at their settlements to Christianity was what had kept them out of the war.


Hack said...

I stand corrected. Thank you. Looks like I'll have to check and recheck my sources from here on out!

Anonymous said...

When I hear of this type of behavior and see the last name Hussain....well...nuff said...that explains it all.