Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olbermann: Tea Parties are Racist for Lack of Black Faces

Since when does the lack of any significant number of a certain race of people within any organization/institution/group automatically qualify them as being racist? It does to someone who is obsessed with race, like Olbermann.

Let's see. I guess we can now say the National Hockey Association is racist. Barely a black man in that sport. Country music fans are most definitely racist. The winter Olympics without question are racist. I mean, just look at the athletes! All of them are white! I could go on and on with this list. Why because it is flawed logic that opens up the door to a million possibilities.

Olbermann is a man similar to Obama. He is a bit milder with his ego than his lover Barack, but he most definitely matches up when it comes to narcissism. I seriously can't get enough of Olbermann. He's even better than Chris Matthews. Little does he know it, but he is a tool for the very people he despises. Why? Because he demonstrates night in and night out just how absolutely nutty liberals are in this country and he does it in stunning fashion. The big words. The rising anger and emotion. The minute long tirades peppered with well crafted insults. I love it. I'll always love Olbermann for providing me with constant laughs.

He can play it his way and make all the accusations he wants against the Tea Party movement. But he just alienated himself from the majority of this country. Like that matters anyway.

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TKZ said...

LOL!! Great post! He's just a spectacle, which is perfect fodder for comedic fun.

Anonymous said...

Did he see what happened to the black man who showed up at a rally in St Louis? The SEIU thugs beat him within an inch of his life. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Olbermann is a boob.

Marx Cline said...


I would like you to post this on your blog, consider it a personal message, for an open discussion and debate between me and you.