Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bill Maher spews forth an epic display of liberal hypocrisy

When Bill Maher opens his mouth to speak, it's like being subjected to Chinese water torture, hearing duplicate sets of nails on a chalkboard, and throwing up a ham and cheese sandwich...all at once. Not only is the man's voice incredibly annoying, but he unleashes some of the most mind numbing leftist crap I have ever heard.

Here's his latest display of ignorance where Bill claims the Tea Party Movement is nothing but a cult, as he perpetuates the stereotype that all "teabaggers" are illiterate, gun toting hillbillies from the Bible belt.
(Tea Party comments start at 2:20. Everything before are pathetically humorless "jokes".)

This man is without a doubt one of the most pathetic pieces of human debris I have ever seen. He's up there with Joy Behar and Rosie O'Donnell on the human worthlessness scale.

Ok let's look at what this liberal douchebag said. In between all the vomitus and liberal "humor" spewing forth from his mouth, Maher points out three things...

1) "In order to be a movement you have to move towards some specific legislative goal."

What part of less government spending and reduced taxes do you not get?

2) "Teabaggers distrust everything. They think everyone is coming for their guns and they don't have to pay taxes."

Maher's clever mixture of satire and sincereness is really something. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he doesn't truly believe this. I could be wrong. Either way, it wouldn't change my perception of this utterly incompetent pile of crap.

No we don't distrust everything. Just a worthless, inexperienced, narcissistic, incompetent president who loves to spend our money. No we don't think anyone is coming for our guns. And no we don't feel that we shouldn't pay any taxes. Do I need to get you a coloring book Bill?

3) "Cults are driven by some ridiculous, unattainable goal."

Well I'll have to agree with him on that. But this relates to the Tea Parties how? Could someone please point out to me what our ridiculous, unattainable goal is? Anybody? (*crickets chirping*)

I really don't think a reduction in government spending to quell the monstrosity of a deficit is that ridiculous, or unattainable for that matter. In fact, I think it makes a lot of sense. Common sense. Something Maher and others like him obviously lack.

I'd like to add a point of my own if you don't mind.

*Cults are always driven by an iconic figure who is idolized by the masses

I don't ever recall Maher pointing out how bone chillingly similar the Obama following of 2008 was to cult behavior. It's understandable. He was so enveloped in it with his lips constantly on Obama's butt, he was too whipped to even process the information.

So who is our iconic leader? Who is the Patriarch? Please don't say Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh. Or Sarah Palin, my god.

Maher is so incredibly arrogant and stupid, I almost feel sorry for him. His petty diatribes against conservatism are so irrelevant I honestly feel bad for even blogging about this. He is like a tiny fly on the hind end of the Conservative Reawakening. If you've seen any of the videos of him debating Ann Coulter, or other intelligent conservatives, it is also evident that the man has absolutely no debating skills. When confronted with a logical answer in favor of conservatism, which is about, hmm, everything, the man dances around stuttering cute little jokes to ease the awkwardness of his inability to answer.

What sickens me the most? Maher, and other liberal comedy/news show hosts like Colbert and Stewart are viewed as credible sources of valid information by 18-20 somethings, indoctrinated by liberal/atheist American academia. They are the same people who fell for Obama. They just don't have a clue.


Obama Nation said...

Bill Maher is a moron. I saw him at Radio City having a debate with Ann Coulter and he knows absolutely nothing. All he does is spew nonsense.

Jim McKee said...

Bill Maher is one of the people responsible for my son being an atheist. :-(

TKZ said...

He's willfully ignorant.

Lone Wolf said...

The Left-wing Establishment's frothing-at-the mouth attacks on the Tea Party blatantly displays their fanatical hatred for decent patriotic hard-working Americans and the Constitution...and their fanatical support for A communist left-wing big-government Agenda.

But the "neo-conservative" and Republican Establishment is also attacking the Tea Party (eg, Karl Rove just recently and Glenn Beck, etc) as "conspiracy nuts", etc.

The Tea Party movement is predominantly independent (critical of both parties for their big government agenda, etc)...and reflects the American peoples' increasing rejection of both major parties.

As for Bill Maher...what an annoying, pathetic, lowlife piece of communist scum.

He's a member of the "tribe" (that controls Hollywood, etc), by the way...which is the people from whom this left-wing, communist agenda has it's origin.