Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Avatar vs. The Hurt Locker

I opened up Drudge today and saw the bold headline READY TO RUMBLE with images of Avatar and The Hurt Locker juxtaposed. Both films lead the field in nominations for this years' Oscars, with 9 each.

All I can say is I hope The Hurt Locker sticks it to James Cameron and his anti-American, Gaia worshiping, hippie fantasy.

The more I see the success of Avatar, the more I hate it. The more time passes since I saw it in theaters, the more I realize what a jumbled pile of liberal crap it was. And not just the liberal themes in the movie. But the subpar acting, lack of originality (Dances with Wolves anybody?), and absence of real character development or realism within the plot. What does it have going for it? Special effects. How shallow can you get? It's no different from Barack Obama's 2008 campaign. All glamor and glitz, and no substance.

On the other hand we have a gloriously crafted work of art in The Hurt Locker, not reliant on the fakeness of Hollywood special effects. This story relies on a cast that pulls off some of the best performances I've seen this year. Character development is far superior. The cinematography is outstanding. You feel for the men. You are in their shoes. You understand why they behave the way they do. It was a masterpiece in my opinion. It was a story about real people in a real conflict, one that is going on to this day.

The Breakdown

Avatar- A fantasy world that glorifies the oneness of nature, demonizes American expansion/colonialism/capitalism and the American soldier, and pushes the environmentalist agenda.

The Hurt Locker- An in depth look at the trials and tribulations of soldiers in the thick of combat in Iraq, their personal struggles, and the strains of combat on them not as soldiers, but as human beings.

Avatar is nothing but a fake experience for shallow minded and easily entertained people. Typical of everything else that comes out of Hollywood. The Hurt Locker is a dramatical gem we won't see the likes of for many, many more years. Bottom line, as a soldier and an American, I want to see James Cameron get his ass handed to him by the very people he tried to tear down in Avatar.


Samuel Gonzalez said...


First of all it's stupid, stupid, stupid that there are 10 nominees fpr Best Pecture 10.

It's ridicoulous!

I consider myself a huge movie buff. The Academy Awards was the onlt award show I would wtach since I was a kid.

But, I can't watch them anymore because Hollywood is producing garbage. I think the last good year was 2005.

I hated Avatar because it was soooo obviously Anti-American. I couldn't enjoy the cinamtic aspects because Cameron was so blantant in knocking this country.

I dodn't care for the Oscars anymore because the value is gone so low.

But, I haven't seen Hurt Locker though.

Ron Russell said...

Avatar is just another in a long line of anti-american movies. I like the old ones and am tired of watching movies about the noble savage---just doen't do anything for me and quite frankly less than honest!

The Conservative Lady said...

I haven't seen either movie, and have only heard glowing reports of the great 3D effects in Avatar. I had also heard there was an underlying "message" in it. After reading this post, I doubt I'll be spending my money on it. I am also sick and tired of Hollywood and rarely go to the movies anymore. Last ones I've seen in a theater are "The Christmas Sweater" and "The Bold & Fresh Tour"...do they classify as movies???