Monday, February 22, 2010

DC 6th graders indoctrinated with Islam

D.C. Center Teaches 6th-Graders About Islam

Most American schoolchildren learn about Islam in a social studies classroom. But at the Friends School in Baltimore, sixth-graders make their own mini-pilgrimage every year, to the Islamic Center in Washington, D.C.

As their bus rattles along the highway south to Washington, most of the kids are busy making up songs about each other. But 12-year-old Julia Potter is counting off the Five Pillars of Islam on her fingers: charity, prayer, fasting, profession of faith, and the pilgrimage to Mecca.

These kids are well-versed in the basics of Islam and more: In class, they learn about Judaism, Hinduism and Christianity; about prophets, taboos and holy laws. And every year, sixth-graders visit the Islamic Center — though every year, according to teacher Deloris Jones, they get there late. "There's absolutely nothing over the years I have been able to do to keep this thing on time," Jones says.

Inside the mosque, boys sit on the left and girls on the right, the girls' heads covered with colorful scarves. Imam Abassie Jarrkoroma leads a question-and-answer session, and this separation of the sexes is one of the first topics to come up...

I wonder if they tell the children about Sharia law, and the prohibition of women from public life. Maybe they'll tell them about the prohibition of music. Or maybe the stoning and hanging of girls who were raped against their will. Maybe they'll tell them about Islamic honor killings. Maybe they'll tell them about the hundreds of dead schoolchildren in Beslan, courtesy of Islamic jihad warriors or the 13 dead US soldiers cut down by Islam at Fort Hood. Maybe they could tell them about the 3 schoolgirls beheaded by Muslims while walking to a Christian school in Indonesia. Maybe they'll tell them about having women gangraped as punishment for a Muslim man's crimes. Maybe they'll tell them about the Saudi police who prevented the rescue of 15 girls from a burning building because their faces were exposed. Maybe they'll tell them about the thousands of people who have died horrible painful deaths at the hand of Islam, by Islam in New York, London, Madrid, and Bali. This very day, 8 people were beheaded by Muslims in Iraq and 6 were obliterated by a suicide bomb in Pakistan. It's real nice isn't it kids?

You see kids, there are other pillars of Islam. Secret pillars! Like Murder, which we call Jihad, Oppression, Male Supremacy, Polygamy, and even Pedophilia courtesy of the great Prophet! (piss be upon him)


The Watcher said...

But of COURSE they won't be teaching the kids that. Please, Islam is a religion of PEACE (or is it Piece, as in Pieces of Infidels scattered all over the place?). But, I digress. Imagine the uproar if this same teacher held an annual pilgrimage to the National Cathedral? There'd be blood in the streets, metaphorically speaking.

M. said...

...the 13 dead US soldiers cut down by Islam at Fort Hood.

They should be told that in addition to being told about Timothy McVeigh, raised a Catholic, who was one of America's worst domestic terrorists.

Charles Whitman, another domestic terrorist, raised a Catholic.

Ted Bundy, domestic terrorist, religion, Mormon.

Scott Roeder, domestic terrorist, Christian.

Eric Rudolph, domestic terrorist, Christian.

Ku Klux Klan, domestic terrorists, responsible for countless murders of American citizens--religion, Christian.

Yeah. Tell the kids about the Muslim terrorists, but don't forget to mention our home-grown Christian terrorists as well.

Anonymous said...

This makes me sick. I love your string of rhetorical questions. This is the "Friends" school, probably Quaker, a true religion of peace and non-violence. Too bad they are such poor judges of it in others.

Ron Russell said...

Are these public schools allowing students to have religious indoctrination? If so would a trip to a local church be in order!

Hack said...

M: Your logic is flawed. All of the "Christian" terrorists you mentioned, aside from maybe the KKK, were not acting on behalf of Christianity.

If you want to start up the Christian violence vs. Muslim violence debate, I'd love to accommodate.

There is a distinct difference between the examples you listed and Muslim terrorist attacks, which I might point out are much higher in number, frequency, and geographical distribution.

Don't play stupid here. You know exactly what I'm talking about.