Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The freak show we know of as Walmart

It's amazing really what one can observe and encounter on a nightly Wal Mart run. Especially if you go to one near or in a large city. This particular one near my home is known for drawing the lowliest of the low, especially after 10 pm. It also has the uncanny ability to display the worst of the ghetto and white trash at the same time in a disgusting clash of epic proportions.

During my 30 minute grocery shopping trip tonight, which commenced at 10:45 pm, I observed:

  • An unbelievably obese woman cradling a wailing baby with one gigantic arm of flab
  • A haggard old man with a voice as if he just inhaled a helium balloon 
  • Two young teenage kids that resembled Satanists
  • A 90 year old cashier who moved slower than molasses in winter
  • A ghetto looking black man who tried to cut me in line, and scowled at me when I stepped back in front of him
  • A gigantic handicapped woman in a motorized scooter wearing a tube top

Keep in mind these are just the ones that come to mind. Gotta love Wal Mart.


Silverfiddle said...

This was kinda like a dispatch from a foreign correspondent!

Christopher said...

It makes no difference where one lives in this world,every Walmart is the same.

I went to one ONCE as they advetised and had an item that was the abosolute lowest and i needed it. I was working the 2nd shift at the time so figured 10:30am on a Thursday would be safe,,,NOT,,, almost exactly what is described above! Plus the store was littered with items from the shelves all over the floor.

I never returned nor ever will.

One of the Moons said...

When the biggest, cleanest, cheapest, friendliest, and most helpful store in your town is Wal-Mart, you come away with a far different opinion. I used to laugh at the shoppers and then I looked in the mirror and decided that they weren't any freakier looking than I was. Maybe I'm just getting more tolerant in my old age.