Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Obama/Islamic Missile Defense Logo

I was lead to this story via Proof Positive.

                                                    Here's the old Missile Defense logo:

And now the new one:

Take a look at the DOD Missile Defense website if you want further proof.
08 Obama iconography anyone? Or better yet...a subtle attempt at American Islamic inclusion? It sure looks like a shady cross between the Obama logo and the Islamic crescent and star, but maybe that's just me.

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The Watcher said...

It certainly looks like a combo of the two. But I took a peek at this site about the Flight 93 Memorial. If you look at their info on the direction to the Qibla and overlay that on this new logo, it almost looks to me as if that big red swoosh is pointing directly at it. Compare that to the old DOD logo, and you just might make the connection I did: big red swoosh is a missile aimed right at their Big Black Box in Mecca.

'Course, I'm likely wrong on that one, since it took me some thinking to come up with this, and we all know Progressives don't think, they just 'feel'.