Saturday, February 20, 2010

CPAC 2010 Recap, Greatest Moments

Here's some of my favorite speakers we saw at the Conservative Political Action Conference...

George Will

"Liberals today tend to stress equality. Not equality of opportunity but equality of outcome and therefore they tend to regard the multiplication of entitlements and the entitlement mentality as enhancing the public good."

Herman Cain

"Yes we are crazy! We are crazy about the Declaration! We are crazy about the Constitution! And we are crazy about the greatest country in the world, and we want to keep it that way!"

Glenn Beck

"The best way to transplant democracy is through example."

Mitt Romney

"As you recall, he began by saying he hadn't failed at all. You remember he gave himself that B+ his first year in office? Tell that to the 4 million Americans who lost their jobs last year and to the millions more who stopped looking for work. Explain that to the financial markets worldwide that gaped at trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye could see."

Ron Paul

"Back 100 years ago, especially Woodrow Wilson, what happened in this country was that we took freedom and chopped it into pieces. We don't think of freedom as something unified. There is only one kind of freedom and that's individual liberty. Our lives come from our creator and our liberty comes from our creator. It has nothing to do with government granting it."

Marco Rubio

“Americans want leaders who will come to Washington, D.C., and stand up to the big government agenda, not be corrupted by it. After all, the United States Senate already has one Arlen Specter."

Newt Gingrich

"Now surely the president could agree with us, that theft from government is not good. Now I know it's bold. It's out on the edge. I know from a Chicago Springfield background it's hard to fully grasp that honesty could be a part of government."

*And a special video for you. The absolute annihilation of leftist smear artist Max Blumenthal by Andrew Breitbart. This is one you cannot miss...

Wait, we aren't done yet! Here's Breitbart serving up Rachel Maddow a much needed can of whoop-ass...

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Silverfiddle said...

Ron Paul won the straw poll! Let libertarianism ring!