Sunday, February 21, 2010

A lazy Sunday and an interesting editorial.

Not much happening today. The US is still crushing the Olympic competition in Vancouver, Marines are on the verge of destroying the last Taliban holdouts in Marja, The Hurt Locker beat out Avatar for best picture at the British Academy Film Awards, and a new poll released today says that 86% of Americans feel the government is "broken".

As I read the local newspaper my eye catches a write in by a reader in the editorial section. It is titled: Where's the respect now that Obama is president?

It reads:

Have you noticed today in America that the rules of decency, respect, and honor for the office of the presidency do not apply when the president is a black man? There is a political lynch mob mentality that is a prominent part of the present-day political landscape. Unfortunately President Obama's election has managed to bring out the worst in many of our white citizens. I can't help but remember how it was once said with a kind of tongue dripping, vitriolic hatred--- and also worn as a badge of honor by most of white society during that hell on earth time in America for black people--- "A black man has no rights that a white man is bound to respect." That statement has been amended to include the following words today: "Even and especially if he is president of the United States of America." So much for high school civics classes in citizenship, patriotism, and political ethics that all but make the lofty principles and high idealism of those classes so much meaningless rhetoric. What can you expect when at the national as well as local governmental level, the "end justifies the means" mentality prevails? Remember these words from Barry Goldwater, Mr. Conservative of some years ago: "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice and moderation in pursuit of justice is  no virtue." Long before Goldwater said and the tea party rabble crawled into the limelight, God said this in Proverbs 14:34: "Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a disgrace to any people."

This came from a local African American pastor. I will not include his name, for we don't want a "lynch mob" coming to visit him, since obviously all whites are racist.

Aside from the nightly ramblings of Keith Olbermann, I think this is about the most disgusting, incoherent, and false collection of words I have ever seen. This man is about as smart as a bowl full of soggy cheerios. The stink of his liberal ignorance is something I think us conservatives are becoming all too familiar with. I tell you, nothing, nothing, makes me angrier than being wrongly accused of racism. I am sick of it.

Tell me Reverend Retard (don't arrest me Sarah Palin), was it racism when Kanye West, Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of the black community continually demonized President Bush with a whole host of slurs, insults, and downright disrespectful verbiage and conduct during the entire course of the 8 Bush years?

Maybe instead of automatically accusing the Tea Parties of racism like your liberal talking heads command you to, you should analyze the Tea Party platform a bit and then ask yourself, why in the world aren't more blacks a part of this?

You say that the Tea Parties are racist to Herman Cain, Allen West, Kevin Jackson, Lloyd Marcus,  and Antonio Hinton and then see how smart you are. I say you are a criminal for insinuating that a president, because of his skin color, be free from criticism of any kind. The Founding Fathers would be ashamed of you.

Change your diaper and quit crying you big fat baby you. I'm sick of you and all others like you. You make race an issue. Keep the race charges coming. You're only digging your own grave of ignorance while at the same time inspiring thousands more, through anger, defense, and disgust at your attacks, to join our cause. Thank you moron.


Donald Borsch Jr. said...

Where oh where did you get that photo of Obama as a baby crying?

I'm jealous of your detective skills, Hack.

What Makes Us Right said...

you have to quit holding back, I think you have so much more!

Hack said...

Donald: I bought it off Janet Napolitano. Buy "buying" it I mean stole it.

WMUR: I know, I've tried to tone it down a bit lately. But sometimes you don't wanna know what I really think! (and no it's not racist.)

Soloman said...

Please don't insult soggy Cheerios in that manner again. There's no way they are as blind to truth as that man obviously is.

Fredd said...

That excerpt makes me sick too, Hack. Liberals constantly paint all conservatives as racists, and yet guys like this unnamed pastor are the ones who never look past the color of someone's skin. Never.

At what point do we all consider each other as Americans, and not throw a damn hyphen in there?

I thought that was Martin Luther King's dream, wasn't it?