Thursday, February 25, 2010

Keith Olbermann is right.

Whoa whoa! Don't string me up just yet!

While at work last night I was pondering topics to write about today and this came to mind.

Keith Olbermann's claim that the tea parties are almost exclusively white is absolutely true. We cannot deny this. Look at any photo of a tea party rally and you'll see just a handful of minorities present in a sea of pasty white. Ok, you got us there Olbermann. But exactly whose fault is this? Most minorities choose not to participate. And why? Because the Democratic party for years has drilled into their heads that they cannot get along without the outstretched hand of the government, there to provide their every need. In essence, they are slaves to the DNC, and until they break free from the ideological chains placed upon them by big government liberals, they always will be. One way to do that, would be to join the Tea Party movement, but that will never happen because to do that would be to turn their back on their very provider, and their idol Daddy Obama. Heck I remember going to the tea party rally in my town last year. The entire crowd was made up of middle aged and senior citizen whites, not a dark skinned soul in sight. My buddy and I stood by the main drag each holding a sign for passers by to read. Mine had a Thomas Jefferson quote. Over the course of 15 minutes, several African-Americans drove by, each reading the sign with bewildered looks on their faces. Some showed outright disgust. One man wearing an Obama hat shook his head in disapproval. Why?

There is not one aspect of the Tea Parties that is racist towards minorities in any way. In fact, we welcome them! I think it would be fantastic and encouraging if blacks and others came out in droves to support our cause. We aren't lynching anybody. We aren't wearing any white hoods. We aren't doing anything that would suggest we are racist in any way. The minority crowd simply wants nothing to do with us because they want to continue suckling at the teat of Uncle Sam. Yet, this makes us racist. Give me a break.

If the minorities don't want to support the cause of liberty, free markets, and the upholding of our Constitution it is their loss. Yeah Olbermann,we may be almost all white, but that's their problem, not ours.


Christopher said...

Another aspect to this is that democrat supporters are expected to get PAID for attending such gatherings whether or not they support the cause celeb'.

TKZ said...

LOL!! Good point, Christopher!

According to a new poll the tea partiers are your average voters- white males, so tea party attendance has more to do with political involvement than race, unless voting is racist and sexist because more white males vote.