Saturday, September 24, 2011

An analysis of Don't Ask Don't Tell, its repeal, and homosexuals in the military

Where to begin.

First off, I have absolutely no problem with homosexuals as people. Now let's get to the nitty gritty.

Homosexuality. It is wrong, unnatural, disgusting behavior. Not by my definition. By God's definition and the natural world. Homosexuality is a danger not only to society, but to the very people engaging is such acts, which results in extremely higher rates of STD's and drastic reductions in life expectancy. I won't waste my breath trying to convince you homosexuality is wrong. If you can't see that then you have a problem.

Don't Ask Don't Tell was the perfect policy to address homosexuals in the military. It allowed them to serve and protected them at the same time. Don't fall for the leftist trap that gays and lesbians were prohibited from serving. They had the same freedom to serve as heterosexuals. What is the difference? The gays feel a need to openly advertise their sexuality to the rest of the ranks. Why? Did previous homosexual soldiers really have such a hard time doing their duty for their country because they could not let all their fellow soldiers, and friends know how they prefer to have sexual intercourse? Tell me, who is really wrong here?

I am in the Army, and since the repeal of DADT I know quite a few soldiers who are now openly flamboyant to the point of arrogance. I am disgusted. There are two types of homosexuals. Those who make their sexuality their defining character and those who don't. These gays put their character in this order:

1) Gay
2) Soldier

On the contrary, do I put my defining characteristics as:

1) Straight
2) Soldier


Of course not, and neither do the rest of the straight military members. In fact, I wouldn't even put my sexuality on the top five on that list. But the gays do. They are gay above all else, and that is WRONG.

Now let's discuss the effects of gays in the military. For those past and present servicemembers, you know the importance of unit cohesion and the close proximity in which we live, deployed or not. We sleep, eat, shower, goof off, train, and fight together. If you seriously think an openly gay soldier does not make any difference here you are dead wrong. Homophobia? Hardly. Human nature. You liberal "intellectuals" need to come out of the fantasy bubble you live in. Get a clue.

Now that repeal is done, the Stars and Stripes military newspaper here in country is going gaga with "gay stories". They feel the need to highlight the gayness of gay troops from page A1 to D12, relegating the stories of combat in Afghanistan to the back pages. What a joke.

If you want to be gay, I have no problem with it. But quit making being gay who you are! Barack Obama and the liberal whackjobs who thought repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell was a good idea, especially in wartime, are naive idiots who wouldn't know the first thing about putting on a uniform.

I can get along with a gay person just fine, and have in the past, on one condition...don't make your sexuality who you are as a person. If you feel the need to do that, I will not get along with you, I will not respect you, and either way, I will never accept or respect your disgusting behavior.

Repeal of DADT was a big mistake and the evidence will come to light in the coming years.

Oh yeah, and if you think I am a bigot go ahead and kiss my behind. Your intolerance is worse than anyone's.


Adrienne said...

Spot on!! I keep repeating ad nauseum that there is something wrong with people who wish to define who they are by the manner in which they engage in the sex act. The end results of the repeal of DADT will not be good.

It will put a wedge in the solidarity of the armed services. But isn't that what the libbies want? Divide and conquer.

Fredd said...

As a former army guy who served in the 70's and 80's, I knew of several homosexuals serving at the time. They were not particularly secretive about their sexual orientation, but they certainly did not make that the center of their lives.

Now, with this ruling, things are going to get much worse. The social engineering of the 70's in my time was the mingling of men and women in the ranks. That did not go well for all, and because women did not possess the upper body strength of their male peers, women always got the easy duties, while the men were left to hump the heavy gear; much to the detriment of unit cohesion.

That was in the 70's and 80's, Hack. I am not sure how things are going now in the military, but I suspect they have not gotten better. And now you will have another batch of misfits to deal with.

Good luck, Hack.

Kincsem said...

Addreine was right, absolutely spot on. You put that in words better than I could even think haha the concept that they make everything about them gay, rather than another person with faults, just like EVERYONE else. Being homosexual is no greater a sin than lying to somebody. They are not aliens, they aren't a race (therefore what's with this 'rights' crap), they're people. Just like me. Just like you. Like you said, its like basing their life off their sex life prefrences. Very well put, Hack.

christian soldier said...

I agree!!!!!

christian soldier said...

I agree!!!