Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why Mass Shootings Happen: A Culture in Decline

There is no one single reason why we see an uptick in the frequency and severity of mass shootings these days, but if I had to lay the blame somewhere, it would be on our withering, dying culture.

A Culture Problem, Not a Gun Problem

"The most effectual way to judge a culture or society is by its art."

While the left is soiling themselves over a lack of gun control following the massacre at Sandy Hook, they conveniently overlook the 500+ gun murders last year in Chicago, which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the entire nation. It's not a matter of guns or gun control, but the culture at large.

While Hollywood feigns anguish over the shootings, they churn out violent, blood dripping carnage and market it straight to teenagers, as if to fulfill some sort of bloodlust. Lately, they mix the blood with sex, and market it to young girls through the new vampire-erotica genre in wildly popular entertainment such as Twilight. Movies, video games, and books directed at youth are rife with absolute carnage and sexual deviance.

The mass media is at fault. For a deeper perspective on this, I highly recommend this Frontline documentary from 2001 called "The Merchants of Cool". Mass media's influence on the younger generation is criminal and perverted. They teach boys how to be vulgar, disrespectful, and lazy and they teach girls the art of promiscuity.

American youth are bombarded by the mass media on a daily basis. Where morals were once commonplace, deviance has replaced those outdated, pesky limitations on happiness as the new norm. Our societal mores were dismantled by liberalism in the 1960s. And the numbers don't lie...

- Today, more than 40% of children in the United States are born out of wedlock
- Massive increases in prescription drug addiction; 1 in 4 American women on mental health drugs
- Highest rate of divorce in the world; 50% of American marriages end in divorce
- Suicide recently surpasses car crash fatalities; 15% increase in suicide over last decade
- 86% of American teens see classmates taking drugs or drinking during school day
- United States 17th in international education ranking
- 43% of American children live in a fatherless home
- 90% of children ages 8-16 have viewed pornography online

The family structure has been ravaged in this country by cultural Marxists. After the school shooting in Ohio last year, I wrote this post highlighting the common denominator of broken families among school shooters. Lo and behold, Adam Lanza was no exception.

Our culture at large is becoming more deviant, and the digital age we now live in has only served to soak and dumb down our society at a much faster rate. We live in a culture that glorifies carnage and violence, encourages sexual deviance, pushes more legal and illegal drug use, and ridicules anyone who doesn't conform. Obama and the liberals can ban guns all they want. They can enact the most crippling gun control measures imaginable. But it won't stop a thing.


Gorges Smythe said...

Cain was killed with a club, if I remember; and the most powerful man in the world at one time, Julius Caesar, was killed with knives.

Anonymous said...

The Census Bureau report attributed the lower rates of divorce in the Northeast in part to delayed marriage in those places, which decreased the likelihood of marital discord down the road.

"Surprisingly, the South and West, which we think of as more socially conservative, have higher rates of divorce than does the supposedly liberal East," said Andrew Cherlin, a professor of sociology and public policy at Johns Hopkins University. "The reason is that young adults in the South and West tend to have less education and marry earlier, both of which lead to a higher risk of divorce."


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