Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guns are evil! They should be banned!

You stupid Americans and your silly "right to bear arms". It's time to become good obedient citizens of the world and cast aside that old, dusty document called the Constitution. If we could only be more like France or England then we would really be much better people!

Liberals hate guns. And they hate the 2nd Amendment. They just don't have the guts to come out and say it in public. Most liberals, if given the chance, would restrict firearms ownership 100% in the United States. Seriously, why should anyone own a gun? The Army will defend our country if we are invaded, the police will protect me if my house gets broken in to, and really, why do people need to hunt those poor innocent deer anymore? We get all our food from the grocery store!

Liberals hate this country because we are different. We have always been different. And they don't like that we are different. If only we could be like more "modern", "civilized" people in Europe. They always point to Europe. Predictably Sweden and Norway, where the largest mass shooting by a single person in history took place just a few short years ago, amid crippling gun control laws mind you.

"Why should anyone own a gun?" they all ask. As if it isn't explicitly explained in the 2nd Amendment. Again, liberals are unable to grasp the entire concept of the 2nd Amendment and why it was written. The Founders sought to build a nation and a society that was different from the oppressive monarchies of centuries before. They proposed a radical idea...that the people, private citizens, retain "the right to bear arms", not to hunt, not for home defense, but as an effective buffer to possible tyranny.

For some, the possibility of a government turning tyrannical is mind boggling, but history is chock full of examples, many of which can be found by just flipping one page backward to the 20th century. And in most instances, before the government went full Hitler on its citizens, it disarmed them first!

Ottoman Turkey implemented gun control and later exterminated at least a million defenseless Armenians. The Soviets implemented gun control following the red revolution and killed upwards of 20 million citizens over the next 40 years. Hitler and his Nazi Party implemented gun control in Germany and killed at least 8 million Jews and political prisoners. Communist China implemented gun control and murdered nearly 20 million innocent civilians. Pol Pot implemented gun control in Cambodia and murdered over a million people. Another million defenseless citizens were snuffed out in Rwanda, Uganda, and Guatemala in the 1900s after gun control was passed.

"But! But! Look at Britain and Australia! They have gun control and no one is dying there!"

No one is saying that if gun control is passed it automatically turns the government into a killing machine. But the possibility will always be there, and that is exactly what the Founding Fathers DID NOT want to happen in the United States of America. We can squabble about crime statistics another time.

I am glad we are different. And I'd rather live in a society where citizens are empowered and in control than one where the government is empowered and in control. That principle of WE THE PEOPLE is uniquely American.


Fredd said...

I own a .357 revolver. I don't hunt with it. I don't target practice with it. I don't collect it. I have it in the event that I need to kill or wound somebody that is threatening me or mine.

No other reason.

None of the restrictions currently at issue affect me or my gun. BUT let them get away with chipping away at the 2nd Ammendment, and sooner or later, the 'authorities' will be coming after me and my gun.

Cold, dead fingers, pal. Cold, dead fingers....

Eddie Howell said...

Great articles on guns! So true and so needed. Glad you are back. I just published an article on Obama's gun restriction plans.

I've been off the blog for a couple of weeks, and today I have read your articles. I especially appreciate the analysis of our cultural decline, which I didn't get into in my article, but it's a very important factor. We have been losing freedon little by little, and the pace seems to be accelerating.

Thanks. Looks like this 2nd Amendment business is going to be a tough and decisive fight.

Anonymous said...

Is this your world Hack?

Maybe this suits you better ...

White Guy in Alaska

Anonymous said...

What did Reagan say about guns and what legislation did he put in place?

What would Reagan Do Today?

Anonymous said...

Study -

George Washington wasn't too keen on having a standing Army so he ignored/dismissed the 2nd Amendment until the 2nd United States Congress in 1792. There were strict rules in maintaining and who could be in the militia.

In 1794 a conspiracy to stop taxation was quashed with the militia.

Militia - (is Equivalent to the National Guard Today.)