Sunday, January 8, 2012

NBC/Facebook Debate more appalling than ABC Debate

I watched the NBC/Facebook "Meet the Press Mess" debate hosted by none other than the pitiful left wing talking head David Gregory, and I must say, the complete and utter idiocy displayed by Gregory and his fellow instigator who seemed to be obsessed with homosexuality put George Stephanopolous and Diane Sawyer's circus act the night before to shame.

This "debate" was nothing more than a constant, pre planned effort by left wing journalists who hate conservatism to make the GOP splinter even further. David Gregory is an absolute joke. His questions were ridiculous and he routinely interrupted candidates while they tried to answer. Then he brings in some bozo from the NBC Boston affiliate who asks Rick Santorum how he would treat his son if he were gay.

*clap* *clap* *clap*  Wonderful question. Where does the left come up with these people? The questioner seemed so adamant to keep the subject on homosexuality, I wonder if he himself was a homosexual. If so, SHAME on him, and shame on anyone who keeps making homosexuality an issue. No one cares about your sexuality! No one wants to hear about it! Just like Georgey whatever his name is the night before, having some fetish for contraception, this fool can't put down the issue of sodomy. This is the Democratic party of today.

Why are none of these candidates, except for Newt on occasions, calling out these blatantly biased debate hosts on sub-par, non objective journalism? Why do any of these candidates continue to play along in their game?

If you'll recall in 2008 during the Democratic primary debates, Barack Hussein Obama was routinely given questions that might sound like this....

"Senator Obama, what is your favorite food? We heard it was pizza, but could please elaborate?" In contrast, Hillary Clinton would then receive a question sounding something like this..."Senator Clinton, is it true you are Satan's mistress, or is this merely speculation?"

Now we have these absolutely idiotic left wing debate moderators with a deliberate preconceived notion to make these GOP hopefuls look and sound like fools, because they have to answer foolish questions.

Someone needs to quit playing the nice guy and take off the gloves, not towards each other, but towards the left wing talking heads who are openly, blatantly trying to weaken them before they, whoever they is, go up against Obama. Not only would it be wildly entertaining and satisfying for the conservative base to see this, it would be a huge boost to any of the GOP campaigns if they did so.


The Conservative Lady said...

Agreed. I didn't see the Sunday morning debate, but I did see George Step-in-fetch-it grill Romney on contraception. It was music to my ears when the audience booed George as he refused to give it up. It is so obvious what these left-wing Obamabot moderators are trying to do. As far as I'm concerned, they are the ones who look foolish.

Fredd said...

I also agree, Hack. Going forward, let these guys, Dufus Gregory and George StepOnAllOfus moderate Democrat debates, and leave conservative debates for Neal Bortz, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity to moderate.

FIREBIRD said...

Newt has always been my guy, but he let a MAJOR moment slip by in this debate.... Gregory made the comment that Obama was getting credit in the press for positive things but seemed to NOT be getting blamed for the bad stuff. I cannot believe Newt didn't hear me screaming IT'S BECAUSE THE MEDIA DOESN'T REPORT THE BAD STUF, FFS!!! That's the first time I've seen Newt miss a hanging curve ball.