Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Cult of Ron Paul

My original idea for this post was to simply share some outrageous online posts in the Youtube community by Ron Paul supporters but this effort proved futile. There are just too many, and so many to choose from. We would be here all day long. Here are some of my favorites...

Police are targeting drivers with Ron Paul bumber stickers, The city and township are coming after homeowners with the signs in their yard, ect. They would lock me away until after the election. All the while insisting that I'm not their prisoner. Afterward they would deny ever having done that. This isn't me kidding!

The nerve of some people! Why you could never get a good Communist regime off the ground if everyone thought this way! Thank God for those who love Communism like Romney supporters, Gingrich supporters, Santorum supporters, etc.
In the meantime I'll be over yonder seeking freedom with my man Ron.


Yes i never voted before because every candidate was always a joke. they were all puppets. this is the first year i will be voting because for once we have a real candidate running. RP all the way. the rest of you guys are just brainwashed idiots who got most your crap from the puppets in mainstream media.

you obviously were conditioned by judgemental christians who have no capacity for thinking...sorry you bud..he is the only one who can save us..

The media ignores ron paul and attacks him when they do speak of him because ron paul doesnt playball with these sleez balls in government he doesnt participate in the governments..."work 5 years then retire with a paycheck for life" program. he's uncorruptable he's real and he's genuine....GIVE ME PRESIDENT RON PAUL OR GIVE ME DEATH...

anyone ignoring Ron Paul, the future president, is a satanist shill. end of story.


There is no doubt in my mind that Ron Paul has been unfairly treated by some media stations. I've seen it, Jon Stewart obviously has seen it. It exists! That much is true. However, many supporters of Ron Paul tend to go one step further. That it ISN'T just a smear campaign -- that Jon Stewart wants to bring to our attention, because he doesn't want candidates to be treated unfairly -- but a conspiracy. By the New World Order or the Illuminati or god knows what else. I mean ... ehh.



as long as he legalizes pot, ill vote for him.

I completely agree with you on his honesty.1-2 weeks ago i didnt know who this guy was (im from Finland) and after seeing on many comments sections Ron Paul for 2012 i started to do a research and know I love that guy. I used to think Obama is the best choice, but this man rocks! If u wonder y i care about your elections its cos the president of the USA has so big influence around the globe :) Ron Paul would be good for USA and good for the world.

Ron Paul sounds like a hardcore liberal....... AWESOME.

Ron Paul is not getting mainstream Zionist Run Media attention because the Zionist Jews in U.S. congress don't want to see him elected as a president!

To bad America is waking up to the Zionist running our news & were not going to fall for that shit anymore. Ron Paul will get us out of foreign wars.

Ron Paul has my independent vote....If Paul doesn't get nominee I am voting for O'Bummer- Because Romney and Newt are some of the worst candidates ever.

Great speech! Our American Government is Zionist controlled and until that entity is removed we won't have peace.

Now, of course these above comments are not indicative of the Ron Paul base as a whole but.....well, all you need to do is spend a small amount of time on Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo! News or any other online public forum to see that there are a lot of Ron Paul supporters out there who are absolutely certifiably insane, and that's putting it lightly.

It is shocking really, and disgusting to see liberals and former Obama voters flock to this guy as the new Messiah. Much of what I see written and said by Ron Paul supporters closely follows along the ideological lines of the Occupy Wall Street protesters or the Cindy Sheehan crowd of years past.

I'm going to take the gloves off. And to the decent, civil, non cultish, and truly conservative Ron Paul supporters this isn't concerning you so don't crucify this "neo-con" just yet.

I am sick and tired of getting talked down to and chided by deranged Paulbots just because my first choice for president isn't Ron Paul. I am sick of hearing any of the following talking points...Alex Jones, 9/11 Truth, Illuminati, Zionist Occupation, Zionist media, Zionist Congress, Zionist Jews, Illegal wars, legalizing weed, New World Order, the end of the world if Ron Paul doesn't win, a conspiracy to silence Ron Paul, and that anyone who doesn't support Ron Paul is a pro-war "Neo-con" who bows down to the Jews.

These keyboard warriors take to the message boards day and night to spout their convoluted drivel. They are a dedicated bunch. They have earned the name "Paulbots". They spam anywhere they can, targeting mainly social networking sites and spamming any online political poll they can find. They create multiple accounts under Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo, and any other message board they can find. Just look at Youtube. Ron Paul has taken over Youtube because these maniacal Ron Paul supporters virtually live on Youtube. This is none other than cult behavior. There are thousands of Ron Paul videos made by Ron Paul cult followers, viewed millions of times by other Ron Paul cult followers and "liked" thousands of times by said cult followers. Look below any one political video on Youtube. 8 out of every 10 comments is by a crazed lunatic who follows Paul (likely too young to vote) spewing any of the above conspiracy theories, anti-Semetic crap, or insulting anyone who voices even the slightest concern about Ron Paul as being a "sheep". Eh- hypocrisy much?

Even Urban Dictionary has mentioned this phenomenon with their definition of a Paulbot:

A portmanteau word combining "Paul" and "bot" used as a moniker for avid followers of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. Supporters who act in a habitual, drone-like nature via constant domination of internet forums, polls or even real-life events (due to their overwhelming support for the candidate) are often subjected to the term.
(On a lighter note, here is the "Paulbot Creed" from Conservative Hideout 2.0.)

Says JJ Jackson of

"Yesterday I explicitly warned Paulbots that their attempts to spam me and pretend to be more than one person was not unknown. I said in my article, “In email after email the message is the same, word for droning word. Checking the IP Addresses in the email headers shows that many of these messages are being sent from the same computer under different emails. One enthusiastic Paulbot sent me the same message, under different Gmail addresses, thirty-seven times within the span of three hours. He even forgot to change his signature every time he sent it.” Yet how did Paulbots respond to my article about Ron Paul? If you guessed by spamming my inbox from multiple email addresses give yourself a gold star.

In fact, despite receiving over 1,000 emails calling me a liar, a traitor, a fool, etc. all these emails came from just four, that’s right four, IP addresses. Really Paulbots? Is that the best you can do? Sit around all day and send out hundreds of emails repeating the same thing over and over and over again? At least the four of you were smart enough to either not use a signature or change it with each one you sent."

Look on the message boards under any Yahoo! News article that has even the slightest connection to the 2012 election. Nothing but Ron Paul fanatics, accompanied by dozens of  "thumbs ups" from other Ron Paul fanatics. Head on over to Facebook. It is the same story.

If you look around the internet, one would be convinced that Ron Paul is the front runner in the GOP race, and destined to be the next president of the United States in a landslide. This is because a large portion of the Ron Paul base is completely fanatic, obsessed, and devoted to him much like the mostly younger vote was devoted to Barack Obama in 2008. And most are tech savvy. They spend their time spreading Ron Paul love wherever and whenever they can. And while this may be a noble cause for these cultists, it isn't going to reshape the electorate which includes a lot of senior citizen voters who don't even know what Youtube or Facebook is.

I am just sick of it all. This Ron Paul hype from keyboard patriots is annoying, not just to other conservatives like myself, but to anyone else who isn't exactly fond of Ron Paul. Above all, the most sickening aspect of this online invasion by Paultards is the snide, self righteous, "I know more than you" attitude espoused by such radicals. You dare not even question anything about Paul, not his defense of Iran, not his empty voting record, not his support of Cynthia McKinney or Julian Assange, and definitely not his dislike towards Israel. You will be met with a hail of insults from the Paulbots, usually accusing you of being a "Zionist", "Jew lover", "Neo-con", "Pro-war Commie" (???), or my personal favorite, like earlier mentioned....a "sheep". I can only continue to laugh. (Oh where did my gold Star of David go).....

Joe Newby of the Spokane Conservative Examiner put it perfectly:

"Many of them support Paul because in their view, there simply is no viable conservative alternative to the current President. Again, that is just fine. But a large number of them - dubbed "Paulbots" by many - follow Paul as one might a cult leader. For those supporters, Paul is the "only man who can save America," a cross between Moses, George Washington and Plato. Intelligent political disussion with these creatures is literally impossible, as they start with the false premise that anyone who criticises Paul about anything is an unpatriotic, warmongering "neo-con" bent on death and destruction."

Ron Paul has truly attracted the most filthy of political activists across the entire political spectrum from far right neo-Nazis who hate Jews to the most far left anti-war Code Pink crowd. Has anyone even thought that maybe the fact that Ron Paul has attracted former Obama voters and Democrats might say a thing or two about Ron Paul?

Said one Paultard: "I'm thankful Ron Paul is man enough to face the warmongers head on. One day, as you sit in self imposed chains of despondency, withering in self pity and despair, wondering why you are so poor, pathetic, and imprisoned, perhaps you will think back to this moment--a moment when the chance to turn things around was staring you in the face--and you will groan in utter despair at your total depravity." One word: WOW.

Let's move on to another point. Ron Paul, our Savior and Messiah, can do no wrong. Ron Paul: "Hmm, well I uh, I think we need to uh, abolish the entire federal government, uh, and cut defense spending by 85%, uh.." Ron Paul cultists: "Praise be!! We are free! RON PAUL 2012!!" Ron Paul: "Nazis actually, uh, did what they thought was right, uh and uh, it wasn't our business..." Ron Paul cultists: "Right on! F Yeah! Dr. Paul! It's either him or no one! LIBERTY!!!!!!" Ron Paul: "Why wouldn't Iran want a weapon? I mean they are surrounded by all these countries...the Israelis are there, the Chinese are there, the Americans are there. If they got a nuclear weapon they would get more respect!" Ron Paul cultists: ....*crickets chirping* Oh, they fainted...

Now of course the first two statements above were only written to prove the point. The third statement was actually said by Ron Paul and that should prove an even bigger point.

To Ron Paul followers, the fanatics anyway, "DR. Paul" can do no wrong nor say no wrong. He is the embodiment of Jesus, Mohammad, Ghandi, and Mother Teresa all in one. Ron Paul is the savior of America and if he is not elected the world as we know it will cease to exist.

From 9 Symptoms of Cult Influence

Do you know any infatuated Ron Paul supporters who apply?

1) Personality changes (sane to political pyscho- check)
2) Dramatic shifts of values or beliefs
3) Changes in diet or sleep patterns (up day and night commenting on Ron Paul message boards and Youtube....CHECK)
4) Refusal to attend important family events 
5) Inability to make decisions without consulting a cult leader or guru
6) Sudden use of a new ideology to explain everything (Can I check this one 8 million times?)
7) Black and white, simplistic reasoning ("Bring the troops home! War over forever!" uhhh. Check)
8) New vocabulary ("Blowback", "Fed", "Zionist"? How about we check this one.)
9) Insistence that you do what they are doing (CHECK!)

Of course this is evident with any popular public figure, but this insanity is so rancid, you can smell the stench of the 2008 Obama zombies in it. Ron Paul's base once held by decent conservatives committed to the principles of limited government and free markets has been hijacked by young people craving some V for Vendetta style revolution. They are devout, passionate, committed, and completely infatuated with Ron Paul. It is Ron Paul's way or the highway to them and if Ron Paul isn't nominated they are sitting this election out, even if that means Barack Obama wins a second term. Don't believe me? Just ask them. Make no mistake, this post is not an attack on Ron Paul. Further it isn't an attack on all Ron Paul supporters. Ron Paul has some really great ideas and I agree with him on virtually everything but foreign policy. This is a shout out to the thousands of Ron Paul cult member keyboard warriors who flood the internet with their insane babblings day and night. It is really just getting old, and the rest of the country feels the same.

I will end with a bit of humor, although eerily accurate...


Jim McKee said...

Frankly, I question the intelligence (not to mention the patriotism) of anyone over 25 who says they've never voted.

Besides, REAL conservatives know that Ron Paul is NOT a conservative.

Chuck said...

I'd have faith in Ron Paul if he weren't such a pied piper for the weirdest forms of humanity I've ever witnessed. It's like he's a traveling Star Trek convention.

Joecephus said...

Ron Paul has a lot of ideas that are really awesome, and then their are other ones not so much. His supporters, particularly the trolling all over the internet kind are really just plain nuts though.

The truth be told if the vast majority of Ron Paul supporters really believed in the type of things Ron Paul preaches, they would actually be Gary Johnson supporters.

At least he has an ACTUAL RECORD OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS as governor of New Mexico. Ron Paul has zilch, nada, zip to show for his decade(s) in congress.

Allen said...

I've been reading your blog and you'd probably consider me one of his more "normal" supporters. I will not post defenses of Paul on your thread since it sounds like you needed a good venting, haha, but the only thing I'll say is it's my belief that when change is ushered in, it tends to be started by angry, loud, obnoxious, and passionate people. People do dumb things, and I agree that I'd like to see more intelligent debate and discussion instead of obnoxious statements that do nothing but discredit themselves. I do think it's gotten better, especially since 2008, otherwise he wouldn't be pulling so high, and we can safely assume that those people are a minority compared to the U.S. population.

Jim McKee, what do you mean he's not a real conservative? What is that in your definition?

Hack said...

Yes Allen, I do consider you one of the normal RP supporters and it is too bad more aren't as civil and levelheaded as yourself. Make no mistake, I don't hate all Ron Paul supporters, just the absolutely crazy robotic ones.