Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reassessing the GOP candidates.

Pawlenty is out of the race. Gingrich is sputtering. Palin has stayed back in the shadows for too long. That leaves some top tier Republican candidates. Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and Michelle Bachmann.

I will keep this short. As you all know, my favorite has been Paul Ryan. I firmly believe Ryan has the very best chance of defeating Obama. He still hasn't announced any plans to run, and I don't think he will in the future. So it's time to assess other candidates.

Let's start with Ron Paul. I have slowly but surely begun to like him to the point where he just might get my vote. I will admit, Ron Paul has a following like no other candidate and he has hung around with tenacity. He is a thorn in the establishment's side. For just that, I like him. He may be the only candidate who offers real change and has a real understanding of the Constitution. He has a spot on approach to free market economics and limited government but when it comes to defense, I do not trust him one iota. Coming in second in this week's straw poll has given him a boost and made the name Ron Paul mainstream.

Mitt for Brains Romney is out of the question. If, by chance, he does get the nomination I will put aside my disgust for his liberalism and support him as the lesser of two evils. As of now, Romney supposedly is the front runner. I have one question. HOW? Every conservative I have talked to hates Romney. He may attract moderates and Democrats but not the Teavangelical vote by any means. Expect Romney's numbers to fall just as they did in 2008. He is just too liberal to get the nomination.

Newcomer Rick Perry has a special appeal. He has substance in the "Texas Miracle" with which he can use against Obama. Perry has the look of a president, much like Reagan, and a record to back it up. It will be interesting to see how Perry handles himself in the coming months. Perry has establishment and evangelical support but it all hinges on if he will be able to nab Tea Party support. I have high hopes for Governor Rick Perry. I think he has a very good chance at defeating Obama should he get the nomination.

Michelle Bachmann. The media hates her and is doing all it can to discredit her much as it did Palin. This morning I watched in disgust on NBC's Meet the Mess with David Gregory as Michele Bachmann was grilled without mercy, first on her belief in God, then on her views on homosexuality. Gregory asked her lamebrain questions repeatedly ("Should wives submit to their husbands?"..."So the man has the last word?"---WTH??) and Bachmann deflected each flaming arrow of liberalism with finesse and professionalism. I don't expect her to get the nomination but if she does, I will vote for her in a heartbeat.

And then there is Sarah Palin. I am sorry if this comes as insulting or offensive to supporters of Sarah Palin but I do not like her as a politician, nor do I think she has any chance of beating Obama should she get the nomination. Sarah Palin is like a withering flower. Her time has come and gone. Yes, she will eventually enter the race with a bang, and her poll numbers will rise. That is only natural. Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama would be an absolute disaster, especially in the debates. Granted, this is just my opinion.

As of now, I am set on two candidates. Ron Paul or Rick Perry. I would love to hear your input if you have one. Comment below and feel free to vote in the new poll I have posted to the right!


Mike aka Proof said...

Currently, I'd favor Perry over Paul. Paul has great domestic policies, but on foreign policy, I'd have to say he is sadly lacking.

I've been toying with the idea of spelling out (once again) all the reasons he is a bad choice.

If he gains any real traction in the next few months, I probably will again.

Anonymous said...

While I have some problems with Rick Perry.
Ron Paul scares the hell out of me.He is a anti Semite with the attitude toward the military of George McGovern

Anonymous said...

I agree that Perry looks presidential. It impresses me that he's strong (president-wise) & not at all wishy-washy.

I also like Herman Cain, but don't think he can win.

Palin could never win because so many people dislike her, some for no good reason at all.

Bachmann also looks strong to me, but there's still that thing about being a woman.

Anyway, we need "STRONG" & we need "ELECTABLE."